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complexion md reviewsAging of the skin is something that is seemingly inevitable.  Over time, collagen and elastin start to break down.  Free radicals formed from a lifetime of sun exposure start to gain in numbers, and before you know it, your face is filled with fine lines and wrinkles, your tone and complexion are uneven, and your skin has lost that firmness and texture that you once took for granted.  Complexion MD promises to help reduce wrinkles, and to help defy the process of aging to give you back that healthy, radiant skin that you once enjoyed.

How It Works

One thing that stood out for us as soon as we saw Complexion MD was the fact that while this product certainly works to reduce wrinkles, it is designed to provide comprehensive skin care.  Instead of just saying that it will make your wrinkles go away, it actually contains the nutrients and ingredients needed to help make this happen.  Great ingredients can help relax facial muscles and can help restore hydration, but without the right nutrients, the benefits will be minimal.  Complexion MD is packed with peptides as well as vitamins and even hyaluronic acid, which, simply put, is the absolute best lubricant in the world for your skin.  After all, it is how our skin stayed hydrated when we were younger.

Ingredients and User Reviews

The ingredients in Complexion MD are absolutely remarkable, and it is hard to imagine a more comprehensive skin care product, but it is always important to ensure that a product really works, no matter how well intentioned the science behind it.  Looking at before and after pictures certainly shows great improvement, but reading the reviews of actual product users was perhaps even more informative.  Increased elasticity was one of the most commonly touted benefits of this product, and there are reviews from users in almost every age bracket who say that this product “works beautifully” and that it “revitalized the skin”.

“I tried out complexion md after a friend gave me a little bit of her bottle.  What I liked best about it is it did not leave that messy residue and it blended in very easy for me.  I applied it twice daily, once in the morning and once at night, and there was a noticeable difference in my complexion.  Works great, definitely recommend it to anyone.”
Collen, Iowa

Where To Buy

Available from the company’s website, Complexion MD comes in at $99.95 for a one month supply.  The company does offer a no hassle money back guarantee of satisfaction.


Overall, Complexion MD is a product that we would definitely recommend.  While the price point is somewhat high, it is generally understood in skin care that you have to pay for high quality and a lack of fillers. User reviews and sound science make Complexion MD a good choice for people looking to reverse the signs of aging.

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  • sandra brown

    I ordered the trial jar, paid for and tried it and did not like it and would not order any more. Today I received a jar of the cream in the mail and was charged $84.90 on my credit card .I am returning that jar and will contact my Amazon Visa Card and the authorities if that amount is not credited back to my card ASAP.

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