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Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream Review

Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream Overview

When I first heard about Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream, I went straight to the reviews and couldn’t believe what I was reading.  These women swear by this eye cream, and wouldn’t dream of using anything else.  Granted, the reviews aren’t great in number, so we’ll have to do a bit more digging  before we make any final conclusions.  But it’s definitely a good start.

Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream claims to be able to penetrate quickly to increase your skin’s elasticity to reduce the look of sagging skin and dramatically improve the overall appearance of the skin around your eyes in about 6 to 8 weeks of use.  It’s a light cream that’s appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive.  So let’s take a look into the formula to see if this creams really does have what it takes.

Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream ReviewCellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream Ingredients and How They Work

It’s a pretty powerful formula that includes:

  • 10% Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid to provide antioxidant protection, encourage new cell growth, and help lighten dark colorations. It’s hydrolized which allows it to penetrate more deeply into your skin.
  • Resveratrol provides further antioxidant protection.  It’s been clinically shown to support collagen and fight against its breakdown.
  • Grape Seed Extract which supports circulation to minimize dark circles under your eyes.
  • L-Ergothioneine which is a super-antioxidant that fights against even the highest levels of oxidative stress.
  • Vegetable Triglycerides which provides light and soothing moisture for the fragile skin around the eyes.

Instructions are to apply to the eye area (but not the lid) once a day in the morning. They say you may feel a tingling sensation for a few minutes after application.  They also make note several times that the color of Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream may vary depending on the color of the grape crop used, and that it may turn darker with repeated exposure to air.

Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream Pros and Cons

Advantages of Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream

  • It contains several strong antioxidants.
  • The Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream reviews we’ve seen, though few in number, are extremely positive.

Disadvantages of Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream

  • It’s expensive.
  • It comes in jar packaging which exposes the natural ingredients to unnecessary breakdown from repeated exposure to light and air.
  • Some may find it irritating.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream online.  The 1 ounce pot sells for about $110 retail.  You can get it cheaper on Amazon, but given the potential lack of stability of the ingredients, I wouldn’t recommend it.


There’s no question that Vitamin C is good for your skin, and the ingredient list for Cellex-C Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream is impressive.  The only problems we see are the price and the jar packaging.  Taken together, though, we think you can get better Vitamin C creams or serum and spend a little less money.

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