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BodyLift Anit-Cellulite Thigh Cream – Does it Work?

BodyLift Overview

Let’s face it; no one likes having cellulite.  That’s why there are so many anti-cellulite products on the market today.  One of those products is call BodyLift Anti-Cellulite Thigh Cream.  Though there is not a lot of information available about the product, it seems to sell well.  The real question, however, is does it work?

BodyLift Ingredients and How it WorksBodyLift

University Medical is the manufacturer of this ant-cellulite cream made especially for the thigh area.  There are actually two BodyLift creams available now, original and extra-strength.  There is no official website and I could only find the complete list of ingredients for the extra-strength version of BodyLift anti-cellulite cream so it’s not possible to compare the two.

Both formulas do contain Aminophylline, a known cellulite fighting agent.  The retailers of BodyLift claim that the formula is clinically proven but since there is no website there is no real way to see the results of the clinical trials.  The product claims to significantly reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite within 4 – 6 weeks.  The instructions for the original BodyLift formula say to apply the cream once a day to clean, dry skin and the extra-strength version directs you to use it twice a day. The formula dries quickly and clearly so you can get dressed right away but it doesn’t smell very good while being applied.

The original formula can  be used on thighs or other areas where cellulite is a problem but the extra-strength formula says it should be used only on the thighs and particularly warns against using it on your breasts.  If you have sensitive skin, there is some possibility of allergic reactions.

Where to Buy BodyLift Anti-Cellulite Thigh Cream

Both versions of BodyLift are available at various websites.  At most sites it sells for $12.50 for the original or $12.95 for extra-strength.  Both tubes weigh 4.1 ounces. Directions state to apply the cream generously so the way you use the cream will determine how long it lasts.

BodyLift Pros

  • Contains Aminopylline
  • Affordable
  • Dries quickly and clearly
  • Claims to be clinically proven

BodyLift Cons

  • No official website
  • No ingredients listed for original BodyLIft cream
  • Doesn’t  smell good

Our Conclusions

Normally, the lack of an official website and a failure to find the complete ingredients list is enough to make me turn thumbs down on a product.  BodyLift may turn out to be the exception to that rule, mainly because it does contain a decent amount of Aminopylline and you don’t have to break the budget to by this product.  Those two facts make me conclude that BodyLift Anti-Cellulite Thigh Cream might be worth a try.  Even though there is no guarantee offered,  the investment is small so you don’t have much to lose and this product might really work.

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Rachel Vrabel

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  • Jan Johnson

    You ask if these products work.
    I am here to tell you yes it absolutely works.
    I have been trying to find this product again for two years. And just landed up on your site tonight. It works it works I promise you it works. Now where can I buy it I need it
    I am 62 years old and I had used it for a long long time and then all of a sudden the pharmacies don’t carry unit and they do not know when it’s going to get back in.
    I’m desperate!
    So I am trying to find the cream that they carry by University medical weight-loss cream. It works it works it works. Please put it back out on the market I need it I am desperate.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Jan, the only thing I could find on that brand sited a lawsuit for unrealistic claims. It doesn’t appear to be sold anymore. I can usually find stuff but there is nothing.

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