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Bliss Fat Girl Slim Review – Is Anyone Getting Results?

Bliss Fat Girl Slim – Seen on the Rachel Ray Show

Bliss Fat Girl Slim energizes and stimulates the skin while reducing the appearance of dimples that embarrass so many women. A spa company founded by Marcia Kilgore that, since 1996, pampers and showers women with the latest in skin care methods and products, their reputation is for giving unique “bliss-periences” that clients can actually take home in personal products like Bliss Fat Girl Slim. Currently there
are 22 locations around the globe including Hong Kong, Boston and Dallas. Bliss Fat Girl Slim has even been showcased on the Rachel Ray Show.

bliss fat girl slim reviewBliss Fat Girl Slim Ingredients and How It Works

Bliss Fat Girl Slim utilizes a unique delivery system called QuSome, encapsulated caffeine molecules that target problem areas. The caffeine stimulates the skin surface. It also rejuvenates as well as firms, visibly reducing the dimpling effect. Bliss Fat Girl Slim is a skin firming cream not a fat burning product. It’s design is for reducing the impact of those unsightly cellulite cells that form under the skin.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Advantages

  • 87% of independent test subjects saw a firming effect with this product
  • 85% felt a slimming effect they could describe
  • 73% noticed a reduction in the appearance of cellulite which they liked
  • Bliss spas physical locations create a unique testing ground – repeat  customers who give immediate feedback to the company

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Disadvantages

  • Average user needs 3-4 weeks to see results
  • The on-line spa locator did not work for my remote North Carolina location or for a
    Boston, MA location
  • A few test subjects reported no results with their experience

Bliss Fat Girl Slim – Where To Buy

Bliss Fat Girl Slim can be purchased at and also at and places like Neiman Marcus. A 6 oz. jar was listed at $32 on The Bliss site lists it as $28 and Amazon sells it for $22.95 so check around for the best price.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Stands Out

Bliss Fat Girl Slim has created a place for itself in a market that has many detractors. No matter how many people claim that such products do not work, it has too many happy women who will tell you their success story. Not billed as a fat burning product, Bliss Fat Girl Slim works with the appearance of the skin to beautify the client. Exercise and good diet are an important part of any health and beauty application. This product works with known skin firming and energizing ingredients to help defeat the aging process on a woman’s skin and give back some of that elasticity and firmness they had in their younger days.

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