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Nivea My Silhouette Cream FTC Complaint Spurs $900,000 Fine

Nivea My Silhouette is a product that needs no real review at all. In a recent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, Beiersdorf, the parent company of Nivea was fined $900,000 because their product, Nivea My Silhouette, did not live up to the claims of fat reduction made in a TV advertising campaign. In a market already full of skeptical customers, this does not raise many hopes for the millions suffering with cellulite build up.

Nivea My Silhouette Claimed Big Results for Little EffortNivea My Silhouette

Nivea My Silhouette offered to reduce and eliminate fat cells for the millions of women around the world desiring to rid themselves of those annoying cellulite plagued areas. Containing anise and white tea extracts, it was supposed to firm and tone skin with visible results after only four weeks. It’s fat busting properties were never proved and customer reviews showed no noticeable reductions.

Nivea My Silhouette is a Good Moisturizer

  • It is a good moisturizer according to customer reviews
  • It is easy to apply and quick to be absorbed into skin
  • It is available in many retail chain stores

Nivea My Silhouette is Not a Cellulite Fighter

  • There are less expensive moisturizers available in retail stores
  • Unavailable on the website
  • No fat reduction results reported by users
  • The manufacturer has been fined by a regulatory agency for making false claims

Nivea My Silhouette is Unavailable

Nivea My Silhouette is no longer available from the manufacturer. It is not even listed as one of their products on line at Some retail stores may still have inventory but who would be using it?

Nivea My Silhouette is a Bust.

Nivea My Silhouette is not a product that will make women happy or even come close to affecting their cellulite problems. Being fined for false claims by the Federal Trade Commission creates a bad market impression above and beyond the poor results reported by on line user reviews. Nivea My Silhouette does not work. A review does not get any easier than that. There is no mystery, no questions left over, just a simple answer. Try something else. As an expensive moisturizer, Nivea My Silhouette receives glowing reviews. But as a fat reducing, cellulite busting product, the vote is in. Nivea My Silhouette does not deliver as promised. Of all the products reviewed, this one is by far the worst offering in an already skeptical market.

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