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Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream – How does it work?

Hello Beautiful! Lets talk about Alpha Hydrox Eye and Upper Lip Cream.  It’s made by the company Alpha Hydrox, which sells several other skincare products as well. Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream claims to moisturize and also minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is mainly targeted for people who are experiencing their first signs of aging and want to prevent future damage to the skin.

It has a blend of Hydroxy acid, lactic acid, and vitamin E, as well as botanicals and emollients. The eye and lip area are known to age the fastest, and the area around the eye is commonly compared to the delicate rose petal, and is 6 times more delicate than the rest of the face.  Keep this in mind and be picky when choosing eye creams! I haven’t known any celebrities to use it, and I haven’t found any doctor recommendations for Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream, but you can be the judge.

Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream Ingredients

  • Lactic Acid- Exfoliates the skin
  • Comfrey Extract- Anti inflammatory
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and damage from the sun
  • Vitamin E- Anti-oxidant; protects skin from free radicals that cause aging
  • Chamomile- Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Cucumber Extract- Anti-inflammatory properties; known for its “puffy eye” relief
  • Soy- Helps to prevent pigmentation
  • Almond Oil- Absorbs easily and non greasy, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple

Pros of Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream:

  • Not tested on animals
  • Smart packaging allows for the ingredients to stay stable and active                                                        alpha hydrox eye and under lip cream review
  • Low price point

Cons of Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream:

  • Not enough lactic acid to show results
  • Comfrey extract can irritate the eye are and should only be used temporarily
  • Hard to find

I’ve come across mostly mixed reviews. The average rating is 3 out of 5 stars. A lot of women are saying Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream is bad for people who go in the sun, but we know that the sun is not our friend! Slather on that sunscreen! Some of the good things that are being said are that its a non greasy texture, and leaves the skin feeling very smooth.

Also very important to all of our mascara lovers out there, women are saying that their Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream doesn’t make their mascara run! Just a tip also, based on my knowledge of cosmetics, through 10 years working in the business, most eye creams can be used on the lip area as well! It’s all about keeping things simple!

Where to buy Alpha Hydrox Eye Cream and Upper Lip Cream:

0.65 oz. on for $9.99.

Products that are similar are: Oil of Olay Total Effects Eye Cream which is $19.99. You can find this at your local drugstore.

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