Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream Review
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Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream Review

Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream Overview

Ahava means love in Hebrew. They’re hoping that’s how you’ll feel about Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream. Certainly, many of their customers do, and that’s what prompted us to take a closer look. Ahava products rely on many ingredients found in the mineral rich Dead Sea to provide their unique benefits. In the case of Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream, these benefits include a significant reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles and a real firming of the thin and delicate skin around your eyes. Your skin will look younger and more radiant, with a glowing and lifted appearance.

In clinical testing, this product was found to improve the look and firmness of the eye zone for 86% or participants and provide overall satisfaction to 96%. The real story of Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream is in the formula, so lets dive right into that.

Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream ReviewAhava Extreme Firming Eye Cream Ingredients and How They Work.

The featured ingredients in Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream are:

  • Icelandic Moss which acts as a natural soothing agent. It works great on eczema and overly dry skin.
  • The Osmoter. This is the name given to the concentrate of Dead Sea Mineral’s that’s exclusive to Ahava. It rejuvenates and recharges your skin.
  • Red Micro Algae which decreases the roughness of skin and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dunaliella Algae which is an antioxidant that protects the skin against cell degradation caused by free radicals, which become plentiful in skin exposed to sun and the environment.
  • Goji Berries which are full of nutrients an antioxidants to nourish and protect skin.
  • Date Extract which is rich in Iron, Magnesium, and Vitamins A and E to increase collagen synthesis and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Raspberry Root Extract which acts as an anti-inflammatory and encourages healthy skin cell turnover.

You should apply Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream to the skin around your eyes in the morning and/or at night. Results cited in the clinical study came during 4 weeks of continuous use.

Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream Pros and Cons

Advantages of Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream

  • It contains lots of healing and repairing ingredients for your skin.
  • We found plenty of favorable Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream reviews.
  • It’s fragrance-free.

Disadvantages of Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream

  • It’s expensive.
  • The jar packaging means that many of the ingredients will lose their effectiveness shortly after the package is opened.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream in department stores like Macy’s, beauty supply stores like Ulta, shopping channels like HSN, or online at the Ahava website. The ½ ounce jar retails for $52.


If it weren’t for the jar packaging along with the price, I would recommend you try Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream. But for $50 plus, you want something that’s going to be as effective at the bottom of the jar as it is at the top.

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