Top 3 Weight Loss/Fat Loss Products

#1 - Pruvit Keto-OS Bio Max Maui Punch

Bio Max contains the max dose of ketones and tastes like Hawaaiin punch. Puts you into ketosis in 30 minutes to burn fat instead of carbs. FAT LOSS, energy, focus, suppressed appetite, anti-inflammatory.

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#2 - Pruvit Keto-OS Orange Dream 2.1

Keto-OS Orange Dream 2.1 tastes like a creamsicle and contains MCT oils to help you feel full and suppress appetite, while putting you into the fat burning state of ketosis, increasing energy and focus, anti-inflammatory.

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#3 - Pruvit Keto-OS Chocolate Swirl 3.0

Keto-OS Chocolate Swirl 3.0 tastes like a tootsie roll and contains a prebiotic. Puts you into instant ketosis to burn fat, suppress appetite, increase energy and focus and fight inflammation.

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What’s all the Hype About Pruvit’s New Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean Flavor?

Rachel Vrabel Last Updated: October 15, 2017 0

This is a personal review, Click Here to visit Pruvit’s website

If you’re following anyone on social media who’s in on the growing ketones conversation, you may have seen some posts on Pruvit’s new flavor Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean and wondering what all the hype is about.

keto new blue ocean flavorAnd without further ado, I’ll just go ahead and get this song stuck in your head right here:  “if you like pina coladas….”

This new flavor is an AMPED UP version of Keto-OS containing Pruvit’s patented AC-11 DNA repair and is supercharged with more caffeine and more ketones.

Pruvit’s Amped Blue Ocean is an “event only” prototype flavor and tastes like a Pina Colada, yum, I like it already!

With the Keto OS Max flavors already being 40% stronger than the original Keto OS, this new “amped” version has definitely piqued my interest.

I’d say it’s something to be excited about, and I’m totally pumped to try the new Amped!

Intense energy and hyper fat burning? Yes please!

So let’s go over what we know about the mysterious Blue Ocean.

Pruvit’s New Flavor: Keto//OS Amped Blue OceanPruvit Amped Blue Ocean Review

Here are some quick facts on Pruvit’s new Keto-OS Amped Blue Ocean:

  • Blue Ocean has more ketones and more caffeine than Keto-OS and Keto Max (I’ve heard double but can’t confirm that just yet)
  • Patented AC-11 DNA repair (anti-aging!)
  • Tastes like a Pina Colada – but it’s blue, so don’t let the color fool you
  • Until yesterday’s promoter and customer only flash sale (which sold out in four hours!) you can only buy Amped Blue Ocean at Pruvit’s exclusive training events

So how can you get your hands on some of this supercharged blue pina colada? And how are people feeling all amped up on Blue Ocean?

Well I’ve done some digging and talked to a few peeps who attended the recent Pruvit Keto Kademy and More Event in Vegas, and I’ve gotten some intel.

*And*…….I snagged several boxes of Blue Ocean during the flash sale so I’ve got samples ON THE WAY TO ME! 

What’s it Like to be Amped up on Keto//OS Blue Ocean?pruvit blue ocean samples

This is the fun part, how are people feeling on these supercharged ketones?!

I got a kick out of some of the responses I got from people who have tried Blue Ocean, and hearing some of these made me want it bad…like yesterday!

OMG this drink makes me feel like I’m in the Turks and Caicos feeling the breeze and the beautiful smell of the ocean & it gives me the power of the HULK, LOVVEEEEE ITTTT <3 <3 <3


“If you like Pina Coladas” you will LOVE this new flavor! Delicious and loaded with AC-11, which literally repairs your DNA (reverses aging)!

It is literally the best thing you will put in your mouth and gives you the most amazing energy boost!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have some days where I could use some super hero power!

Where Can you Buy Pruvit’s “Event Only” Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean?

All the hype around Pruvit’s Blue Ocean and seeing everyone’s posts made me super sad I couldn’t buy any, since it’s an exclusive flavor at their big events. I couldn’t even get other promoters to throw me a bone.

So when Pruvit had their first ever flash sale on Sept. 26th to promoters and current customers, I knew I had to jump fast, more like sprint!

Pruvit offered up a limited quantity in a 2-day sale of the new Amped Blue Ocean and it sold out in less than four hours!

I was able to snag several boxes and will be including those in my Keto 5 and 10 day experiences, yay!

My Advice if You Want to Try Keto-OSdoes Keto os work?

My suggestion is that if you want to try Pruvit Keto OS, don’t just seek out Blue Ocean, but taste the rainbow!

Why? Well, it actually always surprises me which flavors people turn out loving, and committing to this drink is all about the flavor.

So find the one that you love so you can stick with it and reap the benefits!

My personal favorite is the new Keto OS Max Raspberry Lemonade, it tastes so good, I crave it!

And who knows if Blue Ocean will ever be a part of the permanent menu, and it may be too much caffeine for some people.

Contact me here if you would like to request a 5 or 10 day experience.

Benefits of Drinking Pruvit Keto OS

Speaking of benefits, what are the benefits of drinking daily ketones? There are many!Keto os review and results

I’m actually living proof that ketones work, for fat loss, for energy, for better skin, a better mood – I’ve been drinking them daily for over 9 months.

I’ve lost 17 lbs and I lost that my first few months on ketones! My workouts, and honestly my life, have never been better.

Ketones are a fuel source and provide 38% more energy than carbs. I love to do some intermittent fasting with the help of ketones, it makes it easy because I’m never hungry!

Ketones are also anti-inflammatory so I don’t get as sore as I used to, recovery is faster, and I’m stronger! This is also why it has helped my skin.

Be sure and check out my full testimonial on Pruvit’s Keto OS and Keto Max here, including more before and after pics.

I provide a ton of info on how ketosis works, all the different flavors, and what to expect when drinking ketones.

Benefits of ketones:keto os review and results


What Does the Term Blue Ocean Mean Anyway?

Before I wrap this up, what does the term “Blue Ocean” actually mean?

The Blue Ocean strategy refers to the creation of a company of a new, uncharted and uncontested market space that makes competitors immaterial, or irrelevant.

Pruvit has coined the phrase Blue Ocean because they brought exogenous ketones to the market place in October 2015. They are the leaders and they have the best tasting ketones around!

Basically, Pruvit is the Cadillac of ketones! They are innovative and on the leading edge of research and they are only just beginning.

I’ve heard they are working on a “Protone Shake” which is a protein powder with ketones, and an advanced form of ketones called ketone esthers which is stronger than exogenous ketones.

“Be a shark in a world of goldfish and get your Blue Ocean before it’s gone.”

Visit Pruvit’s Website

Contact Me for a 5 or 10 day Experience

Our #1 Choice for Weight Loss – Keto//OS

Pruvit Keto OS reviewKeto-OS is a powder you mix with water that delivers ketones to the blood allowing you to biohack your own body into ketosis to burn FAT instead of carbs (glucose).

Keto-OS has a unique ability to facilitate fat loss while increasing energy, focus, endurance, fighting chronic inflammation and improving insulin sensitivity. It’s a very safe and effective means to feel GREAT while you lose weight, tastes great, and there’s a flavor for everyone!

Click Here to read my Keto OS blog post review

Click here to watch a short video explaining ketones and ketosis

keto raspberry lemonade review

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