smartlash reviewsAre you obsessed with your eyelashes?  Many people are, and for those who do not naturally have the long, full lashes that they desire there are a number of options to get them.  In fact, with so many eyelash enhancers on the market it can at times be difficult to sort though the options and find the product that will work best for you to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Smartlash is one option among the many eyelash enhancers on the market, and since it is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, it is reasonable to expect that it should produce some pretty fabulous results.

Product Overview

Smartlash makes big promises, really big promises when it comes to how much it is suppose to increase eyelash length and fullness.  According to the clinical studies that they cite, all the participants in the study saw an increase in lash length, fullness, and thickness after using the product for a month.  The participants in the clinical trials also apparently claimed that they felt that they did not need to use as much mascara after using the product.  Very rarely do women feel that they need to use less mascara so that is an especially intriguing statement to make.  Let’s see if it holds any water.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“After spending $125 on a tube of this product, there is going to be some real disappointment if there are not some pretty dramatic results.  After a week of use it seems as if that disappointment is going to be a reality, but the product says give it a full four weeks and after paying this much money it couldn’t hurt to follow the directions.  Unfortunately the wait did not seem to make a significant difference.  Maybe if you use a magnifying glass you can see that there is some improvement, but to this reviewer $125 worth of improvement ought to be visible to the naked eye, and it was not.” – Isabelle, Rhode Island

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Where To Buy

Pretty sure you’ve probably noticed at this point that the price for Smartlash is $125.  A careful search online did not produce any lower prices, making Smartlash an expensive, rather ineffective bullet to bite.  For the record Smartlash can be purchased from a number of online sources, including Amazon, but frankly this is not a particularly wise investment of $125.  Surprisingly there are not even any special deals offered for purchasing the product in bulk, which is usually the case when an eyelash enhancer is this pricy.


Not usually one for bluntness but let’s face it this is not a good product.  The economy is not that great at the moment and you could buy at least two tubes of eyelash enhancers that produce better results for the price of one tube if Smartlash. Smartlash makes nice promises, and the clinical studies that they cite sound really great, but unless this is the case of the one in a million anomaly the product does not really work that well.  There is the possibility that given more time the product may actually work.

There were other reviews that stated that some women saw results after using the product for three months.  That’s great for them, but for $125 a tube it seems like results should appear faster.  If you want to help grow your lashes there are products that work; Smartlash is simply not one of them.

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