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marini lash reviewsWith so many women desiring products to enhance their eyelashes by encouraging eyelash growth, as well as providing strengthening and conditioning, there are a number of products on the market to choose from.  Many of the original eyelash enhancement products on the market contained prostaglandins. The prostaglandin scare, involving fears that the chemical could lead to permanent eye discoloration, had a really big affect on the formulations of many eyelash growth enhancement products; Marini Lash was no exception.  The original product worked well, but after the prostaglandin scare the product was reformulated so that it was prostaglandin-free.  Does the new product work as well as the original?  Let’s do a little comparison testing.

Product Overview

Marini Lash promises to basically do all the same things as the original, including make eyelashes longer, stronger, and fuller without the harmful side effects that were linked to eyelash enhancers with prostaglandins.  The product is applied in a manner similar to mascara and the clinical trials highlighted on the company’s website point to visible results in a few weeks.  The original product was among the most effective of the original eyelash enhancers, so Marini Lash definitely has a big wand to live up to.  How does it stack up to its predecessor?

Real Life Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“Having heard good things about the original Marini Lash from others, there were pretty high hopes about the prostaglandin-free formulation.  It should priduce the great results without the risks of the harmful side effects.  Unfortunately there must be something in the prostaglandin that helps with the growth process because the new formulation does not really product that big of a change in the look of the lashes.  After about a month of using the product there seemed to be a little lengthening of the lashes, but not nearly the kind of results reported with the old formulation.” – Stefanie, Nevada

Pricing and Availability

The original Marini Lash was pretty expensive, right around the $160 mark.  From the manufacturers’ website the new formulation is only a little less expensive around $120.  If you do want to try the new Marini Lash Amazon offers a much better deal at $65.  Even though the new formulation does not work as well as the old formulation the old one had many faithful users who may want to stick with a product that they are familiar with.  It is possible to get a sample of this product from your local dermatologist.


In my opinion, the new formulation of Marini Lash unfortunately does not live up to the old one.  On a positive note it does work and the removal of the prostaglandin is a good thing.  The reduced price, if you purchase it on Amazon, actually makes the new formulation of Marini Lash a good option for some.  In fact, if you never used the old Marini Lash or heard about the results of the old product you will probably be pretty impressed with the results of this new type.  This review cannot be completely unbiased though due to familiarity with the results of this particular product.  For what it is worth it is good to see the manufacturer of Marini Lash step up and make sure that they are doing right by their customers by removing the harmful prostaglandin from the new conditioner.  Hopefully a few more tweaks of the formula will produce the results of products from the past.

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