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#1 - HerSolution Pills

A 2-step system of all natural herbal pills and a cream to stimulate arousal, sensitivity and to help you feel balanced and in the mood!

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#2 - Provestra Pills

Combines herbs, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs to help balance hormones, reduce stress levels, improve mood and restore female responsiveness.

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#3 - Vigorelle

An all natural cream used to increase blood flow and create a tingling feeling immediately that enhances any sexual activity.

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Libido Max For Her Review

Rachel Vrabel Last Updated March 20, 2018 0
4.5 /5 Recommended

Libido Max For Women
Reviewed by: Rachel Vrabel
4.5 OUT OF 5

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5.0 out of 5 STARS

Anyone who does research into female enhancement products recognizes pretty quickly when a product can actually deliver on its claims or if it is full of hype.

When reading about the Libido Max for Women product, it takes seconds to see that this is probably a product that can do all that it promises. We read that it created intense orgasms, enhanced pleasure, and created a sense of intimacy.

Can herbs do that? We began our investigation to find out!

libido max for womenHow Libido Max for Women Works and Ingredients

Though the Libido Max for Women product cannot tackle the shopping, get the kids settled, and help you to tune out life, it can use its historically effective herbal compounds to increase the chances of a happier sex life.

We approved of the use of horny goat week, puncture vine, maca, ashwagandha and several primary amino acids in this formula simply because they would all trigger the precise sexual responses described in the marketing language for the product.

It requires only one to three of the tablets each day or four tablets two hours before the anticipated sexual activity for effectiveness. We believed it would work well, but the proof only comes from the consumer.

User Reviews

What we found was a consistent level of approval and satisfaction from the consumers who purchased the product. From the classic “four out of four stars” to a “thumbs up” most of the people who purchased this product found it delivered the results desired. Many expressed happiness with such an affordable solution and many more were glad to have found a solution at all!

A sample review of Libido Max for Women we found:

“Lovemaking was a chore and not pleasurable but this formula began to relax me and change my attitude about it. Soon I was the instigator and my husband is a very happy guy.”

Tricia, MD

Where to Buy Libido Max For Women

The Libido Max for Women product is available in many online venues and in retail stores and pharmacies too. We found that the best prices were online and that the manufacturer’s site extended the best deals in terms of quantity purchases. A single bottle was $40 and a four month supply is $120.


We recommend Libido Max for Women simply because it uses a proven group of ingredients, receives good feedback, is affordably priced, and relies on natural compounds instead of pharmaceuticals to help couples overcome a potentially devastating problem.

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Our #1 Choice for Female Enhancement – HerSolution

Her Solution PillsSometimes we need a little boost in the bedroom. HerSolution is a two part system and is our most effective combo to help with arousal and sexual pleasure. The first part is a daily supplement taken once per day with all the right ingredients (including L-Arginine) to put you in the mood and increase libido.

The second part is the Libodo Enhancing Gel which is used prior to sex to increase blood flow and to enhance the experience. HerSolution contains all natural herbal ingredients that are Dr. approved with no reported side effects. HerSolution is our #1 choice due to its high level of recommendations from professionals and consumers.

Read my official review of HerSolution here

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Libido Max Pink

Libido Max For Her Review

5 out of 5 stars

Sep 09, 2017 by 


I took this the very first day and within an hour I was already feeling it! This is one of the best products I have used for my libido!

5.0 5.0 1 1 I took this the very first day and within an hour I was already feeling it! This is one of the best products I have used for my libido! Libido Max For Her Review

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