Top 3 Eye Creams

#1 - Skinception Eyelasticity Age Defying Eye Therapy

Silky serum boosts collagen to diminish wrinkles and increases lymphatic circulation reducing puffiness and dark circles for a youthful eye.

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#2 - Beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Soothing formula reduces puffiness and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles with skin-conditioning wild algae and caffeine

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#3 - Meaningful Beauty Eye Enhancing Serum & Lifting Eye Crème

Duo eye treatment to hydrate and eliminate crepiness, deep set wrinkles, puffiness & dark circles, smooth and firm entire eye area for younger, perky eyes!

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Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream Review – Does It Work?

Teresa Walker Last Updated: October 10, 2014 0

Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream
Reviewed by: Teresa Walker
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Dr. Frederic Brandt is a well known physician who specializes in making celebrities look young forever.  In addition to his medical practice where he does a lot of Botox injections and dermal fillers, he has also created several lines of skincare products designed to combat the more typical problems women face with their skin.  Featured in many beauty magazines, Lineless is a product line designed to fight the early signs of aging with moisture and antioxidants, the idea being that protection at this stage of the game is key to looking good now and on into the future.

Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream uses some good-skin basics and more to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes, and reduce the puffiness caused by sun damage among other things.

Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream ReviewDr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream Ingredients and How They Work

The 4 main active ingredients in Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream are:

  • Vitamin E – an antioxidant that protects skin from free radical damage while it soothes and nourishes it, helping it look younger with fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin C – also an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage and supports collagen production for increased strength and firmness.
  • Green Tea – one more antioxidant to protect against free radical damage.  It also helps reduce inflammation so puffiness around the eyes is no longer an issue.
  • Squalene – a moisturizing agent that comes from the olive plant to keep skin plump and hydrated.

You are instructed to use Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream twice a day, morning and night, by applying with your ring finger from the outside corner of the eye inward.

Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream Pros and Cons

Looking at both the good and bad aspects of a product can lead you to your best possible decision as to whether or not to buy.

Advantages of Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream

  • It uses antioxidants to protect, nourish, and heal.
  • Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream has been featured in several beauty magazines.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • The pump packaging keeps ingredients stable and sanitary.

Disadvantages of Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream

  • It is expensive.
  • It will not reverse deep wrinkles.
  • Many Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream reviews indicate that it is a good moisturizer, but doesn’t do anything for fine lines or wrinkles.

Where to Buy Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream

Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream can be purchased at several online beauty stores.  The most common price point is about $60 for a ½ oz pump, but we saw it for as little as $43, so you’d do well to shop around.  Just make sure you use a reputable reseller.


If you’re just starting out in the anti-aging skin care world, Dr. Brandt Lineless may be a great product line to go with.  It’s on the right track with its regimen of moisturizing and protecting.  If you don’t have any lines or wrinkles yet, this may be just what you need to keep it that way.  If you already have signs of aging you’re looking to combat, you’d do best to skip Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream, and go with something more specifically designed for the fight against wrinkles.

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Our #1 Eye Treatment – Skinception’s Eyelasticity – Age Defying Eye Therapy

Skinception Eyelasticity Eye TreamentSkinception’s Eyelasticity is a creamy, fast absorbing serum that works quickly to reduce puffiness, plump up fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten dark circles. It has a unique ability to reduce under eye bags by increasing the lymphatic drainage from underneath the eye.

Fragrance free, no parabens, no synthetics and it comes in a pump which means is stays fresh longer, and keeps the product free of contaminants. It feels amazing and works fast to give you younger, more perky eyes!

Skinception is a skin care line I’ve used for over 5 years and you can find many of their products on my recommended list!

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