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I’m Rachel, founder of WomensBlogTalk.com. With such an overwhelming number of beauty products on the market today – some promising miraculous overnight results – I decided to channel my passion for anti-aging into this website to research which ones work and which ones don’t!

What’s different about this site is that I personally test many of the products that I review. Wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, puffy eyes, crows feet, dry skin, oily skin, acne, dull skin – these are all unique problems to each and every one of us, and not all creams, gels, and serums are created equally.

What I cover in my reviews is what the product claims to do, the ingredients and how they work, how much it costs, where to buy it, how it feels, how it smells, if I experienced any side effects, and most importantly – the RESULTS.  For the products that I don’t try personally, I research them diligently to bring you the facts!

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This Just In!


Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum – Vitamin C infusion!

I’ve been using OleHenriksen’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster and find it to be an excellent Vitamin C Serum!

This is a light weight serum packed with the anti-oxidant power to lighten dark spots, even complexion, reduce redness,  rewind wrinkles and give you a brighter, more refreshed face!

With a refreshing citrus scent and light slippery texture, Truth Serum can be paired with your favorite moisturizer to boost your anti-aging results and perk up dull, tired skin.

Its formula contains no parabens, sulfates, or pthalates!

Post Vacation Skin Care Guide – How to recover from vaca

post vacation skin recovery

Another Tai Chai please!

When I got back from a 10 day Hawaiian vacation,  my skin was a mess!

My brown spots darkened, I had breakouts from too much food, sun and rum and I was all kinds of puffy and red.

Sugar wreaks major havoc on your skin, it’s dehydrating, inflammatory and triggers allergic responses all over your body.  But I’m an expert at recovery!

Check out my Post Vacation Skin Recovery Guide – 10 Tips to see what I did to get my skin back to normal!

Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty – Easy steps for a younger face

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty

Meaningful Beauty – a great value for all the steps!

I’ve been using Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty skin care line for a couple months now and I am LOVING IT.

I’m super impressed with how soft my skin feels and her Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules are amazing to instantly smooth your entire face of wrinkles. 

What makes her line unique? I’m sure you’ve seen Cindy’s infomercials with Dr. Sebaugh explaining the “rare melon extract” which is unique only to Meaningful Beauty and makes for a powerful anti-aging skin care line.

Who knew her skin care has been around over a decade and she has thousands of very happy customers who love to rave about her skin care line?!

The positive feedback I’ve received on Meaningful Beauty has been overwhelming!

Keto-OS for Weight Loss, Energy and Mental Focus

keto os before and after photo

10 lbs lost with Keto-OS!

Do you want to increase your energy, mental focus, fight inflammation and LOSE WEIGHT?

Check out my review on Keto-OS, a whole body supplement that puts you into instant ketosis to burn fat FAST!

I have quickly become passionate about this product and how it’s made me feel! I’ve lost 10 lbs and have energy throughout the whole day with no slumps.

I also no longer get the late night munchies, which is when most people pack in the calories and thwart their weight loss efforts.

This is a simple supplement powder that you drink once or twice per day, and it tastes like an orange creamscicle. It suppresses appetite like nothing I’ve tried and makes it easy to eat smaller, more healthy meals.

Scam Alert!

Radian-C Wrinkle Cream

Beware of exclusive free trial offers!

Beware of free trials for anti-aging products on the web, read my Investigative Report to learn the dirty secrets they use to lure you in and steps you can take to avoid being scammed.

Nothing is free, and when you’re presented an offer to just pay shipping and handling of $4.95 – always read the terms and conditions! 

In this article, I’ll tell you about all of the “short-term” (12-14 day) free trials you need to avoid like the plague!

99% of them are made out of garages in South American countries and they just want your $$$, these are not quality products. Don’t even touch a trial product unless it’s a 30 day trial.

“Wrinkles No More” – FREE EBOOK

wrinkles no moreWe have written our own Ebook, Wrinkles No More, and it’s completely free!  Simply enter your name and email, and we will instantly send your downloadable Ebook in pdf format, and we won’t share your email!

Wrinkles No More is a thorough, 9 chapter skin care guide to understanding your skin, tips and tricks, surgical and non-surgical procedures, home remedies and more!

Be sure to bookmark us, like us on Facebook, follow us on TwitterInstagram, or Pinterest, or sign up for Wrinkles No More to stay in touch with us!

Our Top Products

Top Wrinkle Cream – Lifecell

lifecell before and afterOut of all of the wrinkle creams and anti-aging treatments that I’ve tried, Lifecell works the best for a number of reasons.

I’ve been using it over 3 years now and it’s the #1 product in my beauty arsenal that has made the most difference in my skin! 

It instantly fills in my lines and wrinkles to give me a much smoother, younger looking face in a matter of seconds and has long-term anti-aging benefits as well.

Lifecell lightens dark spots and helped eliminate the hyper-pigmentation along my jaw line to the point of almost disappearing, and it’s also an effective under eye treatment to fight dark circles and puffiness.

Lifecell VIP

Lifecell VIP membership – free stuff w/every shipment!

Another reason why I love Lifecell is their VIP membership – they send me a ton of free stuff every two months with my regular shipment! Check out the loot I just received – and it’s all full sized!

Read my personal 2 year Lifecell Review to learn how Lifecell is like having 7 beauty products in one!

Or jump to our Top 3 Wrinkle Creams

Top Eye Treatment – Elite Serum RX

Elite Serum RX - Before and After picElite Serum RX is my top choice for eye treatments and is extremely effective at hydrating to immediately improve wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

It contains eight anti-aging peptides, including Dr. Oz recommended Argireline, which relaxes the muscles responsible for facial expressions and encourages lymphatic drainage, reducing eye bags and dark circles.

I used Elite Serum for three months and this product did what it claimed to do, which is reduce wrinkle depth 30%, and it continues to be part of my daily regime.

It proved to be extremely effective at moisturizing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and improving the overall texture and elasticity in my skin.Elite Serum RX Texture

Elite Serum RX is also extremely effective at reducing puffiness and feels soothing to the delicate eye area. I use it underneath my eyes and on my eyelids – Elite Serum RX is gentle enough for both (it feels almost like water!).

Read my personal Elite Serum RX Review for more info or read about our Top 3 Eye Treatments.

 Top Skin Lightener – Illuminatural 6i

Illuminatural 6iBorn and raised in Florida, I am no stranger to the sun and hyper-pigmentation. You can spot treat those pesky dark spots with great results in as little as four weeks by using Illuminatural 6i.

It works by interrupting the production of the dark skin pigment melanin.

This product was very effective at reducing the dark hyper-pigmentation along my jawline, shoulders and chest. Continued use will warrant further protection from dark spots as your skin replenishes itself every 28 days, and you must always wear an SPF to prevent further sun damage!

I committed to a 4 month skin lightening routine before my wedding and had great results!

Read about my skin lightening results in my Illuminatural 6i Review  or read about our Top 3 Skin Lighteners.

 Top Exfoliator – Microderm Facial Exfoliator

Skinception Microderm Exfoliator ReviewIf you’ve ever had microdermabrasion at a Dr.’s office, you know that the results are immediate:  soft, glowing skin and a feeling of youthful rejuvenation when you look in the mirror.

There’s no reason to pay the high price tag when you can exfoliate effectively at home with a product with the correct “grit” and fruit enzymes.  I put Microderm to the test and had such great results that I now use this product 2-3x per week and will never pay for microdermabrasion again.

It works effectively to deeply exfoliate the outer layers of my skin which allows for new, fresh skin to surface and allows for deeper penetration of my anti-aging products.

I’ve noticed an increased softness and more youthful appearance in my skin, fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth and lips have diminished, brown spots along my jawline have decreased, and I no longer have any dry or flaky skin! I also love using it on my lips!

Read my Microderm Facial Exfoliator Review to learn how it brings me Microdermabrasion results!

Problem Skin?

Top All Natural Anti-Ager – 100% Pure, Organic Argan Oil

Skinception Argan OilWho doesn’t love an all natural, organic anti-aging product? I use Argan Oil on my hair, nails, face, arms, legs – everywhere!

If you’ve avoided trying oils on your skin because you fear it will clog your pores and cause breakouts, think again! Your skin actually needs oil, but you need the right oil for cosmetic use.

Argan Oil is actually a dry oil so it absorbs quickly leaving no greasy residue and should not be confused with Moroccan Oil which is not a pure form of argan oil!

Skinception Argan Oil is cold-pressed and contains 200% more vitamin E than olive oil, and is bursting with antioxidants, fatty acids and polyphenols. It’s an effective anti-ager because it naturally has vitamins, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and moisture retention properties.

It also contains many wound healing & antibacterial properties, excellent for eczema, psoriasis, and acne because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Read about how I use this product from head to toe in my Skinception Argan Oil Review.

 Top Female Enhancer – HerSolution

best female enhancersIs your libido lacking? Hormones, medications and age all play a role in decreased libido, but why not do something about it in an all natural form?

Niacin, Cayenne Pepper, Gingko Biloba, and Melatonin work to rev up your libido naturally by increasing blood flow and also to calm you to feel more balanced and in the mood!  Who doesn’t want that?!

Our consumer feedback is unanimous on this product, women love it and have nothing but good things to report!

Read my full report on HerSolution Pills and Libido Enhancing Gel or read about our Top 3 Female Enhancers.

Top Breast Enhancer  – Total Curve

breast enhancement studyWant bigger breasts? Curious of how it’s possible and of its safety?  Total Curve is a two part system, involving an all natural intensive daily breast enhancement therapy in the form of pills and a gel.

The daily supplement contains a number of all natural ingredients, and works by increasing the fatty tissue in the breast area to naturally increase your breast volume.

The gel contains Volufiline, which produces a lipo-filling effect, which is created when the gel permeates through the skin and stimulates the tissue that makes and stores fat in the breast.

Upon absorption, the gel alone is said to increase breast size 10% after 2 months!

Learn more by reading my Total Curve Breast Enhancement Review to see how it stacks up compared to other products or read about our Top 3 Breast Enhancers.

Top Eyelash Enhancer – Idol Lash

Idol LashWhat if your lashes were so dark, thick and full, that you could feel confident without any makeup at all? Our #1 eyelash enhancer is Idol Lash, a product that’s been around since 2002 (and manufactured in the U.S.).

This eyelash enhancer is applied daily like a liquid eyeliner and works to lengthen, strengthen and condition lashes to be more lush and beautiful!

Most of the ingredients in Idol Lash are from natural sources and are non-irritating to the eyes. All ingredients are medically approved and have been thoroughly tested for their effectiveness and safety.

Peptides, moisturizing agents and essential vitamins and minerals work to volumize, lengthen and condition weak, brittle or lackluster lashes. You’ll be batting your eyes with a whole new level of sexiness in as little as 2-4 weeks!

Read read my review on Idol Lash or read about our Top 3 Eyelash Enhancers.

Beware of Combo Offer Scams!!

scam alert“Miracle Skin routine Ellen uses to look 10 years younger!”

“Dr. Oz reveals an amazing skin care combo that’s making botox doctors furious.”

Do those phrases sound familiar?  You’ve probably come across some of these ads on social media and thought to yourself “that sounds pretty amazing, I’d like to try that!”  Well, there’s a dirty little secret behind these so called “miracle combinations.”

You see, Ellen and Dr. Oz REALLY didn’t come across some miracle skin care combo to make you look 10 years younger.  It’s all a ploy to get you enrolled in what is known as an auto-rebill, auto-shipment program that can end up costing you $100’s!

Read more about these supposed “miracle creams” in my latest investigate report to where I explain how a free trial really works, how to spot them, and why I don’t like them 99% of the time.

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