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Hi! I’m Rachel, founder of Women’s Blog Talk.

With such an overwhelming number of beauty and health products on the market today – some promising miraculous results – I decided to channel my passion for anti-aging into this website to research which ones work and which ones don’t!

What’s different about this site is that I personally test many of the products that I review, along with a team of women who are also contributing authors and product reviewers.

Wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, puffy eyes, crows feet, dry skin, oily skin, acne, dull skin – these are all unique problems to each and every one of us, and not all creams, gels, and serums are created equally.

What we cover in our reviews is what the product claims to do, the ingredients and how they work, how much it costs, where to buy, how it feels, smells, side effects, and most importantly – the RESULTS.

For the products that we don’t try personally, we research them diligently to bring you the facts! We have over 1,000 product reviews, and I encourage you to search for the product you are researching, or take a peek at our top recommended products!

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#1 Weight Loss Supplement – Keto OS

Keto os review and resultsDo you want to increase your energy, mental focus, fight inflammation and LOSE FAT? This is exactly how Keto-OS works.

Keto-OS is a first-of-its-kind ketone delivery drink that  puts your body into instant ketosis to burn fat FAST! It forces your body to burn fat instead of carbs.

I’ve lost 15 lbs, my sister lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks, my mom is down 15 and my brother lost 18 lbs in a month! My whole family is getting healthy! Check out our before and after pics in my review.

I’ve tried many supplements over the years, and this one works the quickest, and has the best side effects. It suppresses appetite and gives me energy throughout the day.keto max sale

Keto OS comes in Orange Dream 2.1, Chocolate Swirl 3.0 and Bio Max Maui Punch which is my favorite, and it’s on sale, buy 2 get 1 free through midnight May 21st!

Click Here to read my Keto OS review, or visit

#1 Anti-Aging Treatment – Kollagen Intensiv

I am in my 40’s now, and the loss of collagen, the loss of “plumpness,” and fine lines and wrinkles are the changes I’ve noticed the most in my skin, so putting the collagen back in has become a priority!

Collagen loss is what causes wrinkles – it’s a depressing fact that by age 30, our ability to produce collagen drops by 50%!

Kollagen Intensiv has been one of my go-to anti-aging treatments and top creams and for the past 4 years. It’s hydrating, cuts redness, plumps wrinkles, diminishes crows-feet and puffiness, and gives me results to stay youthful-looking! 

It contains retinol, along with the the patented peptide, SYN®COL, proven in clinical trials to reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 354%!Skinception AHA Toner

My Best Combo! Skinception AHA Toner + Kollagen Intensiv

My absolute favorite, most recommend combo is using Skinception’s AHA Toner (alpha hydroxy) with Kollagen Intensiv.

This is a powerful combo because the AHA Toner (alpha-hydroxy) rapidly increases cell turnover, smooths the skin, and builds collagen to reduce wrinkle depth.

Pairing the collagen building toner with a collagen building moisturizer provides awesome results, and it doesn’t take long to see an improvement.  The key to younger looking skin is building back up the lost collagen and exfoliation!

Click Here to read my personal review on Kollagen Intensiv or visit

Why is Retinol great for wrinkles and skin?

We’ve been hearing a lot about retinol and its beneficial effects on our skin, and our top recommended cream, Kollagen Intensiv, has it.

It’s become a hot commodity in skin care ingredients for anti-aging companies, claiming to be a miracle cure for all those inevitable wrinkles and signs of aging.

But what is this supposed miracle cure for getting old? And does it really work?

Click here to read our report on Retinol

Skinception AHA Toner#1 Anti-aging Exfoliator – Skinception AHA Toner

Do you want smoother skin, tighter pores, and a huge boost in collagen production to reduce wrinkles?

Skinception’s AHA toner for cell renewal contains potent but gentle alpha-hydroxy acids derived from fruit extracts which penetrate at a cellular level to promote collagen and elastin production.

Removes dirt, make-up and residue and leaves your skin with the correct pH balance to apply your anti-aging treatment. This is a product I can’t live without!

Investigative Report – Beware of scams for Anti-Aging Products

Dr Oz Before and AfterBeware of short-term (12-14 day) free trial scams for anti-aging products online! That’s hardly enough time to try a product! Read my full report to learn about the tricks they use, and how to detect and avoid these!

If you’re looking for a phone number to cancel a free trial, check my latest blog post for the number: Skin Care Free Trials – Cancellation Numbers

P.S. Dr. Oz does NOT have a skin care line in any way, shape or form! Do not fall for these scams using his picture or ANY other celebrities to sell their creams!

My Interview with CBS!

I was interviewed by Cristin Severance with CBS 11 in Dallas, Texas about Beauty Cream “Free Trials.” Cristin in a Consumer Justice Investigator and has won 7 Emmy Awards!

Educating yourself on how these supposed free trials actually work is your best defense against being taken for what can sometimes add up to hundreds of dollars!


 #1 Skin Care System – Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty

Cindy Crawford Meaningful BeautyI’ve just made Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty a top product in its category. I have been loving this skin care line because it all works so beautifully together!

Each product builds and works together with the last to bring you soft, wrinkle free, flawless skin. And have you seen Cindy? She just turned 50 and she looks stunning!

The new Ultra Lifting & Firming Serum paired with the Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules brings amazing results! When I’m going out for date night or special event, I love using this combo before putting on makeup.

If you’re looking for a set to cover all the skin care bases – this is definitely one to try!

Click Here to read my Meaningful Beauty Review or visit

#1 Face & Body Treatment for Crepey Skin – Jane Seymour’s  Crepe Erase

Crepe Erase ReviewWondering what happened to Jane Seymour? She is promoting her brand new product called “Crepe Erase” – a treatment for crepey skin on the neck, chest, arms, legs and face!

I recently purchased the whole package for $59.95 plus a free gift (eye serum) and I’ve just completed my two week trial and posted my review, including before and after pics.

I’m actually really surprised how much I like these products! My neck rings (I know, ugh) have softened along with the crepey skin on my chest, and my legs look more firm and smooth.  Goodbye alligator skin!

A bonus is that my husband has told me I’ve smelled good every night since I started using it! These products smell amazing from the body wash to the treatment creams, and feel very luxurious.

Click Here to read my Crepe Erase review or visit

#1 Skin Lightener – Illuminatural 6i

Illuminatural 6iBorn and raised in Florida, I am no stranger to the sun and hyper-pigmentation.

You can spot treat those pesky dark spots with great results in as little as four weeks by using Illuminatural 6i.

It works by interrupting the production of the dark skin pigment melanin.

This product was very effective at reducing the dark hyper-pigmentation along my jawline, shoulders and chest.

Click here to read my Illuminatural review, or visit

#1 for Breast Enhancement  – Total Curve

breast enhancement studyWant bigger breasts? Curious of how it’s possible and of its safety?  Total Curve is a two part system, involving an all natural intensive daily breast enhancement therapy in the form of pills and a gel.

The daily supplement contains a number of all natural ingredients, and works by increasing the fatty tissue in the breast area to naturally increase your breast volume.

The gel contains Volufiline, which produces a lipo-filling effect, which is created when the gel permeates through the skin and stimulates the tissue that makes and stores fat in the breast.

Total Curve has GREAT reviews from women who have used it and seen results!

Click here to read my Total Curve review, or visit

#1 for Female Enhancement – HerSolution

best female enhancersIs your libido lacking? Hormones, medications and age all play a role in decreased libido, but why not do something about it in an all natural form?

Niacin, Cayenne Pepper, Gingko Biloba, and Melatonin work to rev up your libido naturally by increasing blood flow and also to calm you to feel more balanced and in the mood!  Who doesn’t want that?!

Our consumer feedback is unanimous on this product, women love it and have nothing but good things to report!

Click here to read my HerSolution Review, or visit


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1 out of 5 stars

Apr 21, 2017 by 

Sue G.

Don’t even think about ordering from the so-called Shark Tank endorsed product line from True Skin/ aka Pristine Skin or whatever else they are having to call themselves to make sales. You will be charges repeatedly for monthly auto-shipments at $92.99@ for a little smidge of a wrinkle remove face-eye product that looks & smells like glue & is not at all natural as they claim. (I have copy of actual ingredients if you need to see them). Best advice if you already bit: Despite them saying you can not respond to their emails about the charge for shipments….do it anyway!!! Get EVERY transaction with this company in WRITING…keep will need them..Even though I called, cancelled, returned the trial at my expense & included yet another desire to cancel..they ordered more product for me & kept charging my credit card..this process is time-consuming & I’ve been at it since Feb.Not even worth the will try you!

1.0 5.0 1 1 Don’t even think about ordering from the so-called Shark Tank endorsed product line from True Skin/ aka Pristine Skin or whatever else they are having to call themselves to make sa Home
From: Rachel

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