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Vigorelle Review

Vigorelle Female EnhancerNote: This is my personal review, Click Here to visit the official site for Vigorelle

The use of body creams is something that most women are familiar with and it does seem odd that many women ignore their sexual organs when thinking about the condition of the skin.

This is something that the Vigorelle product aims to change and it promises enhanced sexual experiences when a woman uses it.

We looked at the website and realized that this was a product designed especially for women who had lost their interest in sexual activity due to a variety of reasons, and so we decided to see what it had to offer.

How Vigorelle Works and Ingredients

Vigorelle is full of all natural ingredients that ensure that the condition of the skin is at optimal levels but it also has two very potent active ingredients that are a “no fail” system for sexual enhancement.

They are L-Arginine and peppermint oil. When used in a vaginal cream they are the proverbial “one-two” punch that guarantees success. This is because the L-Arginine is an NO booster that floods the female sex organ with blood as soon as it is applied.

The peppermint oil is a topical solution that creates a tingling feeling that enhances any sexual activity. Clearly, this is designed to work very well.

Vigorelle promises, amongst other benefits:

  • Deeper, more intense sensation during sex and foreplay
  • More intense orgasms, sometimes even Multiple Orgasms
  • Helps with vaginal dryness

Rachel’s Experience Using VigorelleVigorelle Cream

When we began looking around for “official” proof that this was an effective product we were really astounded by the many medical experts indicating that is was. We also found positive reviews from those who actually use the product.

These ranged from women who had passed through menopause to women who felt like they just had no interest in sex any more, so I decided to give this cream a try myself!

Since I am now 42 years old, even though I hate to admit it, vaginal dryness can sometimes be an issue. It’s so easy to use this cream to take the worry out of the pain that can sometimes come with sex if you’re not “prepared.”

Also, at my age, my sexual libido is not what is was when I was 30, and this stuff worked to get me in the mood fast!

I really like Vigorelle as a lubricant and and it made me feel frisky. It feels warm and tingly when you put it on and it has a slightly minty smell (which helps with the tingling sensation you get).  I could definitely tell that it increased the blood flow to that area, which made it more sensitive. 

It has a creamy, slippy texture, and you can use it with or without a condom.   I keep it in my bedside drawer so it’s readily available, and just knowing that it’s in there makes me feel like I’ll could be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

If your looking for something to spice up your sex life, or if you feel you need some more stimulation in that area, I highly recommend it!

Recommendation and Where to Buy Vigorelle

Vigorelle is only available online on the manufacturer’s website and a few select other venues. Ordering from the official site will give you a no questions asked 60-day full money back guarantee!

Right now they’re offering a special if you buy a 2-months supply, you’ll get a free one-touch “mini bullet” (and it’s not a blender!) Also, they ship it discreetly, it’s going to arrive in a non-descript box so don’t worry about that.

We recommend Vigorelle due to its high level of acceptance by the medical industry, its positive feedback from consumers, and its natural ingredients, and the fact that it worked for me.

A little goes a long way, and the fact that it comes in an airtight pump will retain its freshness and prevent contaminants from entering. This is a product that is worth the somewhat high price because it actually works!

Click Here to visit the official Vigorelle site

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User Questions and Answers

Q: How often during a love making session do I need to apply the cream -Meredith

A: Hi Meredith, I would think once before should do the trick! I don't think it would be necessary to interrupt your session to apply more, unless you need the extra lubrication. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Hello my name is sami my wife is 29 years she always not have interest in sex. Sometimes she says I don't like sex. I see this product and I want to know that it will work for my wife ? And I want to know how it work? I mean where to apply and can I apply up of condom or up of pinnes thank you sami -Sami

A: It increases a women's pleasure and is rubbed on her, not you... :)

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Q: what store in manila, phillippines that vigorelle is available? -cecille

A: Cecille, Vigorelle is not a product sold in stores, online only. You can visit Vigorelle and load up your cart and enter your address and see if they'll ship to you, I believe they ship worldwide. Thanks! Rachel

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    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Foru, hi that’s a tough question…not something I can really answer. I think both work well to increase blood flow to the area but I think the combo of Hersolution gel plus the pills would give the best effect overall. Good luck! Rachel

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