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Treat Butter Your Muffin Cellulite Cream Review

Treat Butter Your Muffin Official Review

Treat Butter Your Muffin is used by Jennifer Garner and Tyra Banks. The Treat Beauty Company was founded by Marnie Massie and has been primarily concerned with producing moisturizing products. It is an entry into a profitable market with a sizable price tag if all it is is a moisturizer. If it really does work against cellulite deposits then it is cheap at twice the price.

treat butter your muffin reviewHow Treat Butter Your Muffin Works and Ingredients

Treat Butter Your Muffin is an organic, anti cellulite cream with retinol and caffeine. It’s proprietary p2 antioxidant formula has super potent age fighting antioxidants. It claims a double churned process for mixing the cream twice with super fruits, acai berries and pomegranate. It also contains aloe, sunflower oil and pink grapefruit. Treat Butter Your Muffin is an ECOCERT certified organic product with ingredients designed to calm and soothe inflammation.

Treat Butter Your Muffin Advantages

  • It protects skin
  • It repairs and rejuvenates skin
  • It detoxifies skin

Treat Butter Your Muffin Disadvantages

  • There is a lack of independent customer reviews
  • There are no listed clinical tests or independent reviews

Where To Buy Treat Butter Your Muffin

Treat Butter Your Muffin can be ordered at for $25 or at websites like They also have a convenient store locator on their web site but listed stores are few and far between. There is only one store listed for my whole state. Some states have no listings.

Treat Butter Your Muffin Recommendation

Treat Butter Your Muffin is an Intense Moisturizer and skin repair product. An organic product designed to undo the damage that cellulite does to the skin, it does not, however, claim to undo the cellulite itself. A superior moisturizing product, Treat Butter Your Muffin goes deep into cells damaged by cellulite formations and energizes the healing process. There is limited information of the cellulite cells themselves. Are they broken up? Unknown. Caffeine is proven to affect cellulite cells but information given concerning Treat Butter Your Muffin does not specify its effect on fat cells. All its claims concern moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin cells.

Beyond calling itself an organic, cellulite cream, Treat Butter Your Muffin makes no claims of busting up cellulite cells. All of their advertised claims are focused at the damaged skin. The super fruits, acai berries and pomegranate, are antioxidants that soak up the free radicals that damage skin. Again, no claim is made for clearing up cellulite cells, just repairing damage caused by them. While there is some indication that Treat Butter Your Muffin does affect cellulite cells in some way, the actual fact of its impact is lost in all the moisturizing and skin repair information.

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