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Stripeptin DC Review – Is It Still Out There?

Stripeptin DC Overview

A common skin problem that occurs with aging is dark circles under the eyes.  There are different theories as to why this happens, but if it happens to you, you probably care less about theories and more about results.  Some eye creams claim to do it all – smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and eliminate dark circles.  The problem is that often these creams try to take on too much, making them less effective at solving each individual problem.

Stripeptin DC is one in a line of products that targets each issue separately and claims to be more successful as a result.  This particular product is formulated to target dark circles (hence the DC in the name).  Unfortunately, it appears they may have fallen short of their goal because Stripeptin DC is no longer being made by its parent company, Nutritional Science Laboratories.

Stripeptin DC ReviewStripeptin DC Ingredients

Trying to determine what goes into this product is no easy task.  Since Stripeptin DC is no longer available through the manufacturer, there is no specific information on an official website.  From what I can gather, it uses peptides to stimulate collagen growth.  This should plump and firm the skin, preventing the discoloration under the eyes from showing through.  It is also said to contain enzymes that prevent pooling of blood in the capillaries under the eye, and vitamins to nourish the skin.  Unfortunately, though, with no specific information on ingredients and their concentrations, it’s impossible to know if these claims are true.

Pros and Cons of Stripeptin DC

For this and every purchase, be sure to weight the pros and cons involved in investing in the product.

Advantages of Stripeptin DC

  • It is specifically designed to target dark circles, so if this is a problem for you, it may help.

Disadvantages of Stripeptin DC

  • It is no longer being made by its manufacturer.
  • There are no ingredients listed for this product.
  • With no manufacturer behind it, no money back guarantee is available.
  • There are no customer reviews to help find out if it actually works.

Where to Buy Stripeptin DC

This is another problem.  The only place I could find that sells Stripeptin DC is eBay, where it sells for $49.00.  It has apparently been pulled from every other retailer that used to sell it.  This is not a good sign.


With so little information available to determine its effectiveness, it would be hard to recommend Stripeptin DC.  Also, if you try it and you like it, you probably won’t be able to get it for very much longer.  Eventually, there won’t be any more.  In our opinion, you would be better off looking into one of the many other dark circle options available.

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