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Revitalume Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and More

revitalume reviewsWhile there are a number of products out there that claim to be able to help reduce fine lines and dark circles from around the eyes, very few of them stand out.  When we landed on the page for Revitalume, the first thing we saw was the sentence “Look and Feel Bright Eyed, Fresh, and Alert!”  The company promises that their product produces such great results that you can actually watch the circles fade while you are looking.  Could this really be the case?  We decided to take a deeper look into Revitalume to find out.

How It Works and Ingredients

The first thing we did when we started looking into the product was to see what was in it.  The main ingredient is an antioxidant from citrus fruits known as hesperidin methyl chalcone.  This ingredient helps to stop capillary leakage that leads to dark circles as well as to reduce puffiness below the eye.  The product also offers Chrysin, which helps to reduce swelling and to dilute the blood vessels.  There are also a number of very powerful peptides that help to improve skin texture over time as well as green tea extract and shea butter.  In all, the ingredients are excellent and backed by science, which is promising.

Where To Buy

You will find that you can easily purchase Revitalume from the company website, where they offer a risk free trial.  You can also get a six week supply for $80, with discounts for buying multiple products.  The company also offers a satisfaction guarantee.


Before recommending any product, it is important to hear from people who have used it.  Revitalume has surprisingly excellent reviews.  The ingredients look great, but the reviews for this product are stellar.  Many say that they “noticed a change right away”, and we were surprised how many of the reviews were from male users of the product.  I don’t think we saw a single review that didn’t use either the word “great” or the word “excellent” to describe Revitalume.


Recommending this product is actually pretty easy, as it just seems to be an ideal option for removing dark circles under the eyes.  Reviewers and users seem to be head over heels for Revitalume, and the science behind it is absolutely well researched.  If you are looking to not only get rid of dark circles instantly but to start getting smoother, firmer skin around the eyes, Revitalume may be right for you.

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