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Radian-C Anti-Aging Cream and Eye Serum Review – Hollywood Secret or Scam?

Radian-C’s sales page

As consumers, we are constantly being marketed to online, and the anti-aging business is everywhere!

And if you’re ever “liked” an anti-aging product on Facebook, then you will see more ads to your page because they are smart and google now remembers how you shop.

Radian-C Anti-aging Cream and the Radian-C Advanced Eye Serum are two such anti-aging treatments that you may have seen ads for, both separately or as a combo offer, and maybe you even agreed to their “free trial.”

I actually stumbled upon Radian-C when searching for info on Nova Derm Eye Cream, and when I clicked on the Nova Derm ad, it took me to the sales page for Radian-C (I’ll explain this bait and switch later).

Radian-C anti aging creamYou may have even seen some headlines such as “Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Trick” or something similar. But are the Radian-C Anti-aging Cream and Radian-C Eye Serum really products worth buying?

Does Dr. Oz really recommend Radian-C (or any cream for that matter), and are they really “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret?”

Or, is Radian-C another one of those wrinkle cream scams I talk about in my blog post Beware of Free Trials for Anti-Aging Products – an Investigative Report where you are billed for the full product after 14 days? We’re going to take a close look at Radian-C and give you the facts!

Before I go further, if you’ve been scammed by a company other than Radian-C and are looking for a phone number to call and cancel, check for the number on Skin Care Free Trials – Cancellation Phone Numbers.

Radian-C Anti-Aging Cream and Radian-C Eye Serum Claims

Radian-C anti aging cream
These results are photo shopped!

Radian-C is presented as nothing short of a miracle cream. According to their before and after pictures, these creams will make you look 20 years younger, and who doesn’t want that?!

The picture here of  “Amazingly Fast Results” was copied from their sales page.

I’m sorry to say, but this picture has been photo shopped big time, and unfortunately there is not a wrinkle cream on the planet that will give you these results, and especially not in 4 weeks!

There seems to be nothing that the Radian-C Anti-Aging treatments can’t do. They claim that their products will bring “Advanced Wrinkle Reduction for Dramatic Clinically Proven Results.”

Yet, they provide NO proof of clinical trials, such as links to clinical trials with specific findings on the ingredients.

In fact, they do not even provide their ingredients list, they only mention that their “Intelligent ingredients enter the skin” which even sounds strange to me.

I don’t know about you, but I would never buy an anti-aging product without reviewing the ingredients (what if you have allergies?), and this is a tell-tale sign that their miracle formula is nothing short of an average moisturizer.

Radian-C Wrinkle Cream
Is Radian-C really mainstream?

Radian-C makes the following claims of their Anti-Aging Cream:

  • 84% Decrease of Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • 95% Increase of Collagen Production
  • 73% Decrease in Appearance of Dark Circles
  • Better than Botox
  • Intelligent ingredient reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (typos are a red flag)
  • “It feels like a mini-facelift”

Is Radian-C Featured On USA Today, Cosmo, NBC?

Ok, do you see the small icons on the very bottom of the picture above? I’m going to blow it up for you below. Radian-C claims they’ve been featured on these popular TV shows and magazines.

In a legitimate ad, one where a product was actually featured, the print would read “As seen on” but if you look closely, what they say is “Ads Seen In.”

Radian-C cream reviews

So there’s a play on words there to make you believe that their products are mainstream and touted by the industry, but that, my friends, is far from the truth. And I doubt that Radian-C advertises on these venues at all.

How Does the Radian-C Free Trial Work? Is it Really Free?

Ok here is how it will go down, step by step. The Radian-C trial works EXACTLY the same as 90% of all the free trial offers out there for anti-aging products.

  • You come across an enticing ad for a free trial miracle cream and want to try itRadian-C Terms and Conditions
  • You enter your name, address, phone and email
  • Then you enter your credit card info (you think it’s only to pay the $4.95 for shipping)
  • You receive the cream in the mail about a week later, sometimes longer
  • A month later, you notice a $98.79 charge and steam comes out your ears
  • Even worse, you see two charges just like that if you agreed to two free trials (combo offer)
  • You call Radian-C (if you can find their phone number – I promise you there will be no contact information in your package)
  • They say “sorry, it’s past the 14 day trial period, you agreed to this in the terms and conditions”
  • You’re pissed, and now you’re stuck with a gold painted turd of a wrinkle cream

What do you do now?

disputing wrinkle cream charges
Demand your money back!

The facts are sad. Most people who agree to these short-term free trials (14 days) have NO IDEA what they’re signing up for. You really have to look for the “terms and conditions” and review them carefully before agreeing.

If you find yourself scammed and want to fight back, there’s a few things you can do. If the 14 day trial period isn’t up yet, call them right away and cancel your trial and send the product back.

Radian-C’s phone number is: 855-252-8790

Or, if you’re past the 14 days, you can try arguing with them and they will sometimes agree to refund part of the purchase price. They might tell you to return the product and be aware they will still charge you a restocking fee of about $35 at minimum.

You can also threaten them that you’ll report them to the BBB or your Attorney General’s office, and demand to speak to a supervisor. If none of the above works, you can contact your bank to dispute the charges. Sometimes they’ll put a block on any further charges from that company.

free trial wrinkle creamsConclusion and Recommendation

Well, if it’s not crystal clear already, I don’t recommend purchasing Radian-C Anti-Aging Cream or the Radian-C Eye Serum.

I don’t like deceptive marketing, and I don’t like any trial that’s only 14 days with no money back guarantee. That’s hardly enough time to receive the product, much less try it for any length of time to see if you like it.

On top of that, they don’t provide their ingredients list or link to any clinical trials, which is usually a good indicator that they’re not using quality or cutting edge ingredients that really make a difference in wrinkles.

I will leave you with this advice: always look for and read the terms and conditions for any trial you are agreeing to online. If they are not being transparent, then run away quickly! And if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Just don’t accept free trials of this nature, it’s always better to buy a cream outright that has a money back guarantee.

Have you tried Radian-C? Leave your review, question or comment below!

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User Questions and Answers

Q: What's your phone number of this company -Linda barnes

A: Linda, the phone number for Radian-C is (855) 252-8790. They have an 18 day trial period. Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.com

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8 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

Q: Phone number to call you?? -Tina

A: Tina, if you're looking for Radian-C's phone number, here it is: 855-252-8790. I don't have a public number for womensblogtalk since I'm web based, but if you'd like to email me privately at [email protected] I'm sure I can answer any questions you have! :) Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.com

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3 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

Q: So I just received this product and I just read this article. I already called them to cancel and they tried to offer me all these other discounts I told them I just want to cancel my subscription, as didn't know I'd be billed on a month to month basis. Anyway he finally agreed to cancel my subscription and said I can keep the products for $19.99 I said fine. At the end he said he was able to waive the $19.99 fee and gave me a confirmation number for my cancelation. Does this mean I'll for sure not get billed again? Can I trust that? -Nayla

A: Nayla, did he email you a confirmation? If you had that, then your bank should reverse any further charges if they bill you again and put a block on them. But to answer your question, I wouldn't trust, I would keep a close eye on your bank statement. It's a little fishy to me that they let you keep it for free. Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.com

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Q: How can i get shipments to stop after the my very first shipment i asked them to stop because my face broke out & i keep getting more & the package doent come with any information in it just the product -Tommie

A: Tommie, you need to call Radian-C at (855) 252-8790 and cancel your subscription and ask them why they sent you more if you already cancelled. Try and have the charges blocked by your bank.  Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

Q: I just received Radian-C Cream and Eye Serum. The ad said all I had to pay was shipping and handling. It did not say anything about a trial period. Should I expect to be charged for more? What should I do? -Tammy

A: Tammy, thanks for your question. You will absolutely be charged for both the cream and the serum on the 14th day (day 1 is the day you accepted the trial). It will be roughly $90 for EACH. Call Radian-C immediately and cancel the trial Radian-C’s phone number is: 855-252-8790. Have you received it yet? Regardless call and cancel. The eye serum may be a completely different company you will also need to contact - is the name on the container? Don't let them talk you into anything i.e. discounts, longer trial period, etc. They will lie to you any way they can. Ask to speak to a supervisor and DEMAND they cancel and ask them to send you an email confirmation while you're still on the line with them. Write down who you spoke with and their direct number. Once you receive the cancellation email (if you even get one, doubtful) show that to your bank and ask them to block any all future charges. The company names they use to bill you will be different. It won't say Radian-C, it will be something arbitrary. Please let me know how this turns out, and good luck. Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.com

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • DEE

    Do you have a phone number for Marie Blanc? I was foolish enough to take a free trial. Ordered it on 2/14 and still have not received it. Must cancel by 2/17. Need help, can’t find a number.

  • monica

    Another part of the scam, I am going through now. When I clicked on ad it went to a page for Illumagen Eye Cream, $4.95, Free Trial. No number of days, No disclaimer of having to buy more, I checked very carefully as I am very aware of theses scams. I thought this wasn’t being allowed anymore under the Consumers Protections Law passing. So I continued through order process. Then asked if I would like to get the Eruem also for $4.97, so I checked yes. My personal and credit card info already entered. Another add came up to Please try our Skin Intensive for $34.95. Light goes on, I say to myself “This is the catch you have to buy the cream to get the special trials. Also can’t go backwards to remove previously entered personal and credit card information. So I continued through. I received the small package, all items are
    .05 oz. sizes, no order invoice, no return information, I look at package more carefully and my address was listed as both return and ship to.
    10 days later they charged my credit card twice $89.+. I have a fraud alert on all my accounts so my bank sent a notice asking if I authorized the charges. I said no and they denied the charges. Now the company is telling my bank that the disclaimer was on the order form, It was not and I had the solicitation order form saved on my computer.
    Also my advetisement and order was for Illumagen anti aging eye cream and serum. And I would never agree to buy anything at $89.+ for .05 oz. of anything.
    I have used Elizabeth Grant creams, from QVC for seven years, even while having cancer and undergoing chemo. at 66 my before pictures would look same or better than their older womwens after pictures. And I get 1.0 – 4.0oz jars of day and night creams, a 1oz jar of eye cream and 8oz each of toner and cleanser all for under $60.00 total on specials, can usually pay over three payments, and the products last 6-8 months for me. A little bit goes a long way and works. They even give small scoop spoons to mix and measure the creams, and I don’t even use a full scoop to keep them fresher.
    Also the positive reviews can’t be real, if you try to enter a negative review it will be refused.
    Once again my bank is now investigating this as they see it is an obvious scam.
    I had to enter a star rating to post this, the rating for these creams and companies would be negatives rating not positive.
    Thanks for letting me post this notice. We need people like you to help inform us these frauds a still happening.

  • Tanya Butler

    I DID call imediately after I placed my order to cancel so that I would receive the trial only. Several days later, BOOM, $200 worth of charges hit my bank account. I called twice in attempt to resolve this. I spoke to a Donte and a Dawn. Both hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor. Proceeding through my bank for resolution.

  • Jackie

    Thank you for this web site. Like every one else I had no idea that they would charge me more or even send more product. I have learned a valuable lesson. I have called and canceled, made them give me a conformation number and have even called my credit card and had a block put on them.. Once again Thank you !!

  • Dora

    Thankfully I went online researching if I could use Radian C while being pregnant and came across this page indicating that I would be charged after the 14 day trail period. I called Radian C and was still within the 14 day period. I cancelled the account. Thank you!! I had no idea that I would be charged $90 after 14 days until I seen this page. There was nothing stating that I would be charged buy in fact they were going to charge me after the 14 days.

  • Marcia

    I just paid my credit card bill and checked on several charges not yet listed on my statement. I was told these were for the Radian C products. The credit agent also told me that two charges were pending and would post today, one for $98.79 the other for $97.89.
    They gave me three numbers to call to cancel the products, but stated there is nothing they can do at their end to stop or reverse the charges.
    I called two numbers, one said the number was not in service the other clerk said “you agreed to the terms of a 14 day trial and were sent a product and didn’t call to cancel (I ordered May 26 and received the trial products June 7th. I have had the product less than 7 days and they tell me tat the trial started on May 26th! NO reputable company does business this way! 14 day trial means product in hand , not in the warehouse or mail, they even have tracking information that will tell them when the product has been delivered, yet they say it started the day I ordered.
    Nowhere in the box could I find instructions or any information, the labeling lettering was so tiny I literally had to use a desktop lighted magnifying glass to read the ingredients and the company web address. Soy protein and sweet almond are two ingredients that could cause severe allergies with some people.
    The telephone number which your blog provided was different than the one the credit card company has on file all products have Radian C on the label but the numbers listed for each individual product were different one was New Beauty 855-380-8956 ( not valid) Quavitality 844-442-6489 and Renuz advance 855-292-676- .
    I called and cancelled, the woman said her name which I asked her to repeat Acoia she spelled it. She was the same woman responding on both the number the credit card company gave and the 855-252-8790 you listed. She read from a script, which she would not deviate from and repeated “you had a 14 day trial, you didn’t cancel, you got 30 day supply.” Loop! This company and its owners need to be prosecuted under any and all states consumer protection laws. I will make sure that everyone I know hears about this product.
    Regular hypoaler

  • Therese

    I am really upset about this.. I just received mine and wanted to return and they said no. They would charge me $19.99 and I specifically asked that I do not want anymore charges on my Credit card and they said they would cancel my subscription. I didn’t even know I had a subscription!!!! I better not see any more charges. I never order stuff like this.. I don’t know why I did.. now I’m scared!!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Therese, if you’re really worried about it, you should ask for a confirmation email of your cancellation, and then show that to your bank and ask them to block any future charges just to be sure. The charge on your card is probably a different company name than what’s on the cream, just so you’re aware. Good luck! Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.com

  • Dana

    This is a total scam. Lots of charges started popping up on my account. Even the lady I spoke with at my bank said when she googled it that it came up as a scam. When I called and offered to send product back they said no but they would cancel everything. Nope. More charges. I’ve had to cancel my card and dispute charges. Stay away!

  • Micki

    Great I just read this and just got done ordering it about a hour ago. I hopefully can call tomorrow and cancel I think I am going to cancel my credit card grrrr wish I would have read this first.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Micki, call and cancel anyway. They will try to tell you that you can’t cancel yet since you don’t have the product. Don’t take no for an answer… Rachel

  • Heather

    I was just charged today and have gotten hung up on twice today as I am demanding my money back. I am going to report them- I thought I was receiving a sample and did not even use the product but once after seeing no paperwork or ingredients. I am so mad and cannot believe this scam

  • virginia reeves

    I purchased the trial items 02-24-16 Anti aging,Eye treatment and instant face lift. I clean my face in the am and use the 3 items I let each one dry before I add the next one. Then I try to apply my make-up. Does not work not able to rub in the make up. I have to use my own moister cream on top of your product. I called today and was told I’m not suppose to use make up I’m suppose to let the cream work to heal my face. This will not work for me I’m not going to work without makeup.. I would like a refund Please contact me Thanks

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Virginia, I’m sorry but I am not affiliated with Radian-C. In fact if you read my blog post, it was a big, fat warning not to fall for this scam. You need to contact this company directly and cancel your trial so they’ll stop sending you and billing you. Here is the phone number for Radian-C: (855)252-8790

  • Kim

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your article about Radian-c. I called and cancelled my trial. They tried to offer me all kinds of specials, i told them no. They actually told me to keep it and gave me a conf#. And said there would be no new charges on my card. It better hold true. Thank You so Much.

  • Laurie

    I got my free samples and have been billed today $196.68. They hung up on me after asking for refund. Nothing came with free samples. Not even instructions. This business sucks

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