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Radialabs Wrinkle Reducer Reviews

radialabs wrinkle reducer reviewsIt seems like every product on the market today chooses to bill itself as “better than Botox”, so when we saw the claim being made for Radialabs Instant Wrinkle Reducer, we decided to review the product with a healthy dose of skepticism.  We have all heard such claims before.  But while on the company’s website, we saw something that few companies are offering these days- evidence.  Wait a minute!  You mean to say that there is actually science to back it up?  This certainly caught our attention, and it was enough to convince us to look deeper into the product, which also offers a risk free trial as well as significant proof that the product is effective.

How It Works and Ingredients

Radialabs is designed to actually help destroy the free radicals in the skin that cause wrinkles and the breakdown of tissues in the first place.  This was certainly appealing, but antioxidants are nothing new to the market.  It is the combination of ingredients in this product, however, including agaricus bisponus beta glucane and saccharide isolate combined with mango butter, shea, cocoa, and Vitamin E that really packs such a punch.  When combined together, these ingredients work to form what has to be what looks to be a very effective wrinkle reducer that is also free of side effects.

User Reviews and Free Trial

Learning what others think about a product is always critical when looking to review it, however, and we decided to see what people thought of Radialabs, which can be purchased directly from the company or bought as a free trial pack.

Reviewers of Radialabs instant wrinkle reducer seem to love the product.  Many are surprisingly pleased with the complete lack of side effects, but it seems to be the actual benefit of the product that people love most.  Users are thrilled to be seeing significantly fewer lines and wrinkles, and “exceptional” seems to be the word on everyone’s lips when trying to write a review.

“Radialabs instant wrinkle reducer is a little expensive, but i can attest that it works great.  Goes on very smooth and does not leave any oily residue behind.  The best part about it was the results.  While I did not see any “instant” results, my wrinkles were noticeably reduced after just a few short weeks.  I was getting alot of compliments from people I hadn’t seen in years, and I could tell they really meant it.  I would recommend any woman to add this to their skin care regimen.”
Linda, Washington


As to whether or not we would recommend Radialabs, we would have to say yes.  The company’s website goes into a fair amount of detail when explaining how the product is designed to work, and users certainly seem to be getting the benefits promised to them.  In a world where everyone wants to be the “best alternative to Botox”, it seems like the people at Radialabs have actually achieved this goal.  With so many satisfied users and such sound science, this product definitely gets our recommendation.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I have two bottles of Radialabs instant wrinkle reducer and both of them have congealed. Is it possible to get a replacement for them? -Lori

A: Lori, you'd have to contact the manufacturer or wherever you purchased. I don't see an official website however, I only see these products sold random places like Amazon and eBay, so that's not a good sign, so I doubt it. Also, if it's past the expiration or you've had it over a year, it's likely just old. Rachel

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