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quick curves reviewWe are not big advocates of companies that boast of superiority when they are new to the market. We also tend to frown on a company calling attention to the fact that it uses more of something than the competition simply because this tends to sound like inflated hype. This was why we were a bit dubious of the claims made by Quick Curves and how it proclaimed its ingredients to be superior to those of the other leading breast enhancement supplements.

How Quick Curves Works and Ingredients

As a capsule that you have to take three times a day for effectiveness, Quick Curves already dropped down on our list of favorites. A blend that claims the kind of effectiveness that this one does should not have to be sent into the body several times per day. Additionally, when checking out the list of ingredients we could see that it did indeed have more items than some of the competition, but the actual amount or dosage per capsule is never made clear. Anyone interested in breast enhancement will know to look for fenugreek, saw palmetto, wild yam, hops, and more, but they cannot know if one capsule is more effective than another simply because it contains a longer list of compounds.

User Reviews

We turned to reviews to learn if the Quick Curves formula really did outshine the competition, and what we discovered was the opposite. In a comparison done by an independent group this formulation actually ranked among the lowest levels. Consumers also complained that they got no results from thirty and sixty days of use. Clearly, this formula was too diluted even if it was full of many useful materials and ingredients.

A sample review of Quick Curves we found:

“I wanted firmer breasts and even just a little growth. This didn’t do anything for me.”

Natalie, OH

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Quick Curves formula online and through the manufacturer’s website. A thirty day supply is $20 and those buying multiple bottles get one or more for free.


We cannot recommend Quick Curves. It doesn’t have the proof to back up the claims and instead has a lot of unhappy customers and skeptical professionals questioning whether it works at all. If you are looking for rapid increase in bust size or firmness of the breast tissue you will have better luck with one of the many other formulations available.

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Rachel Vrabel

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  • Tommie

    Hello, I am wondering if Quick Curves may indeed help with menopausal symptoms (HOT FLASHES). I’ve been researching natural alternatives and this product contains several herbs that supposedly help with menopause and fatigue. I don’t really care about the breast enlargement at this point of my life but the possible benefit it may have on reducing hot flashes. Do you have an opinion or know of anyone or of any sources on the matter. My biggest issue is I have Multiple Sclerosis and the hot flashes set off MS symptoms, that being said, I’m desperate to find something to help alleviate the problem. Thanks

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Tommie, I’m sorry you’re having troublesome symptoms. To be honest, I would not recommend this product for you. You have a very delicate medical condition and I would advise you to speak to an Endocrinologist (hormone Dr.) and let him give you a more solid recommendation specific to your needs with menopause and the MS. If you feel more comfortable, I’m sure a homeopathic Dr. could give you some advice as well if you want to try the natural route. You should probably ask them to do a blood panel on your hormone levels so you can get your doses right. I just wouldn’t trust just any old herbal pill…..I would advise my mother or sister the same. Good luck!

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