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Murad Eye Lift Illuminator Review – Works in 15 Minutes?

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator Overview

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator is geared towards women that look for an instant improvement in how their eyes look. Plenty of positive reviews from users point out that the product really works as intended, which makes for a great recommendation. However, Murad Eye Lift Illuminator does not provide only instant benefits.

According to the manufacturer, Murad Eye Lift Illuminator can also stimulate the micro-circulation in the eye area, reducing the symptoms of skin aging, and dark circles. The best way of seeing whether this eye skin care product is for you or not is to try it yourself.

How Murad Eye Lift Illuminator Works Murad Eye Lift Illuminator Review

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator is based on a complex formula intended to solve a few key issues of the skin surrounding the eyes. However, its main purpose is to make your skin looks brighter, and it promises to do that in only 15 minutes. As far as individual testimonials are concerned, the product really acts as intended, and the brightening effect is noticed right away.

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator is made of various minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, and amino-acids. The good news is that the product does not address only dark circles, but also fine lines and wrinkles, helping women achieve that youthful look they are after. It must also be mentioned that Murad Eye Lift Illuminator does not contain harmful components, such as parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals that, when included in cosmetic products, may lead to skin problems on the long run.

The vast majority of reviews for this product are positive. However, there are some women that say it can become flaky, when you want to apply makeup on top of it.

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator Benefits

  • It provides almost instant brightening effects
  • It contains a wide array of beneficial ingredients
  • It address problems such as dark circles, and wrinkles

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator Drawbacks

  • Not everyone may enjoy the violet tinge
  • Some reviews point out its flakiness when applying makeup right after using it
  • It may cause dryness

Where to buy Murad Eye Lift Illuminator

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. You can also buy Murad Eye Lift Illuminator from online retailers, like Sephora and Amazon. Murad Eye Lift Illuminator is available for sale in brick and mortar stores, as well.


It is refreshing to see a product that delivers exactly as it is advertised, and Murad Eye Lift Illuminator is the living proof. As the ad says that the product is capable of improving skin firmness and brightness in only 15 minutes from application, it is worth taking a look into some real life testing. According to the vast majority of reviews, Murad Eye Lift Illuminator does brighten the skin around the eyes, shortly after being applied.

As it happens with many cosmetic products, not everybody loves Murad Eye Lift Illuminator. Some say that it can become flaky and dry the skin, while others say that the product did not cut it for them. Try it out yourself and see if it can enhance your skin appearance or not.

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