MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum Review

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum Review

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum Overview

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum is a water based alpha hydroxy serum that claims to be ideal for oily or combination skin.  Skin needs exfoliation to look its best and that’s what this lotiony serum does.

  • It sloughs off the dead skin layer on the top of skin.
  • It unclogs and minimizes pores.
  • It lifts and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It reveals the newer, healthier looking skin just beneath the surface.

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum ReviewMD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum Ingredients and How They Work

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum really only has one main active ingredient, and that’s Glycolic Acid.  This is okay because Glycolic Acid is a potent Alpha Hydroxy Acid that effectively exfoliates the outer layer of skin.  The key with Glycolic Acid is that it is only effective at proper pH levels.  This is where the other, more secondary, ingredient kicks in.  Ammonium Glycolate is an AHA too, but it also adjusts the pH so it’s just right to allow the Glycolic Acid to work.

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum is a lightweight lotiony serum that really focuses only on exfoliation.  You are instructed to use it morning and/or night each day after cleansing and before using whichever type of hydrating and anti-aging cream you choose just after.

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum Pros and Cons

Advantages of MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum

Disadvantages of MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum

  • It doesn’t contain a range of anti-aging ingredients.
  • It is a bit pricey.

Where to Buy

You can purchase MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum online at the MD Formulations website and a number of other retailers, including Amazon.  You can also get it from spas and aestheticians.  The 2 ounce bottle sells for $53.


MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Serum is a good product that’ll give you the kind of anti-aging results you’re no doubt looking for.  The only caveat we have is that it is certainly possible to get a very similar product with the same effectiveness for quite a bit less money.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I've used this for years and loved it, unfortunately it has been discontinued. Can you suggest some alternatives? -Shelly

A: Hi Shelly, if you like the MD product, you'd probably like another serum that contains glycolic. I like the Peter Thomas Roth line for glycolic serums and moisturizers. He's got a 10% Glycolic Hydrating Gel that you could use under a moisturizer. You can buy this at Sephora. You may want to stop in there and test out a few. I know he makes a moisturizer with 10% glycolic as well, so it just depends what feel you want and whether you're looking for a serum or moisturizer. Personally I like using serums with strong ingredients like this, and then pairing it with a nice, calming moisturizer on top, such as Kollagen Intensiv which is what I use daily over a Vitamin C serum, and sometimes glycolic but my skin is really sensitive to it so I can only use it a couple times per week. Good luck! ~Rachel

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