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lashatone reviewsLong, full eyelashes can definitely make you turn heads and can ensure that you get the double takes that can really make your day.  If you want to get those head-turning eyelashes but are not naturally blessed with a great set to get started with you do have hope.  There are a number of products that provide eyelash enhancement, and the fact is there is likely a product out there that is just right for you.  Having said that, all eyelash enhancement products are definitely not created equal.  Lashatone makes big promises with regards to the eyelash growth that it can stimulate.  When it is put to the test though does it live up to its claims?

Product Overview

When there is not a lot of actual product information provided on a company website that is a red flag.  Ideally the company should provide you with a list of ingredients including the active ingredient that actually promotes the growth of the eyelashes.  The Lashatone website lays out the basic claims of every eyelash enhancer, it makes your eyelashes longer, fuller, and thicker.  The problem is the website does not really explain how the product is supposed to accomplish those results.  Apparently there is some clinically tested ingredient in Lashatone that has been shown to promote eyelash growth, but the actual ingredient itself is never named.  This does not bode well for the trial phase of the Lashatone review.

Consumer Review

“The truth is that Lashatone was not approached with very high hopes.  The lack of information with regards to the ingredients as well as the actual process that helps the eyelashes to grow created a skeptic right from the beginning.  It turns out that the skepticism was well founded.  For what it is worth the product is easy to apply.  The wand is very similar to the kind that would be used for mascara and it goes on smoothly and does not interfere with wearing mascara on top.  The problem is that even after a month there were not particular visible indications that Lashatone was really doing anything.  The website said a dramatic difference should be apparent in three months, but it seems that at least some improvement should be apparent after a month.”  – Cassidy, California

Pricing and Availability

Lashatone is relatively inexpensive, but there is really no point in paying a lot of money for a product that does not really work.  The Lashatone website offer 30-day risk free trials, but that is followed by an astereisk so there is definitely some fine print that needs to be read.  Amazon sells a tube of Lashatone for about $20 a tube, so that is definitely on the low end of the eyelash enhancer price spectrum; you get what you pay for though.  If you do decide to try this product with the thought that you may get different results by all means buy it from Amazon; you avoid the risk of being signed up for some form of monthly subscription service.


This company makes some great claims, but at the end of the day it unfortunately cannot back any of them up.  Without any real special ingredient to promote the growth of eyelashes Lashatone ends up being glorified mascara, and since no one want to spend $20 for clear mascara your money can be spent on some more expensive eyelash enhancers that actually work.

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