Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum Review

Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum Overview

If you watch ShopNBC, you may be familiar with Isomers, the husband-and-wife -run skincare company that claims to be the only “functional” skincare company.  I have to admit, I’m not sure what exactly they mean by that.  I mean, what are all the other skin care companies, dysfunctional?  And what does that mean?  Lot’s of shouting at the dinner table and the kid’s have to walk home from swim practice when mom forgets to pick them up?  Probably not that kind of dysfunctional.  But I digress.

Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum is a special treatment product that you’re supposed to use once a month, once a quarter, twice a year, or so.  After using it for 14 days straight, you’ll see:

  • A 32% reduction in fine lines
  • A 21% increase in skin clarity
  • A 12.5% improvement in smoothness
  • A 49% increase in hydration and elasticity

I can definitely how one would call that functional, so now we’ll look more closely at how it’s done.

Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum Ingredients and How They Work

There are six primary active ingredients in the Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum formula:

  • UGL Complex which increases the skin’s capacity to heal and regenerate itself.
  • Vitamin C in a stable form to encourage cell regeneration, provide antioxidant protection and repair, and provides lightness and clarity to your skin.
  • Lipochroan-6 which is mainly an antioxidant, but also doubles as a collagen builder for firmer, more elastic skin.
  • Ultrasomes Micrococcus Lystate which fights against environmental damage to skin.
  • Homeostatine from marine seaweed and an Andean tree which encourages skin to be firmer and more elastic, which in turn means fewer lines and wrinkles.
  • Matrixyl 3000 which is a powerful peptide used to stimulate natural collagen production in skin.

You should use Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum for 14 nights in a row, applying half a dropper to face and neck each night directly after cleansing.

Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum Pros and Cons

Advantages of Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum

  • There are lots of positive Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum reviews from customers who really love this product.
  • It contains several quality anti-aging ingredients.
  • The amber bottle will protect the integrity of the antioxidant components.

Disadvantages of Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum

  • It’s expensive.
  • Lots of women don’t like the eye dropper/vial dispenser because it can be messy.
  • Some women have complained that Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum is drying to their already very dry skin.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum through ShopNBC, QVC, or their online counterparts.  The 1 ounce bottle sells for $75, and we couldn’t find any information on how many treatments you get out of a bottle.


If you like to give your skin an extra anti-aging treatment a few times a year, Isomers Accelerated Recovery Serum is probably a good choice.  It’s got a good selection of effective ingredients that can make you feel pampered whenever you need it.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I read your review and I must say I did not walk away answering the question whether or not Isomers Skincare Accelerated works and does what the company claims. Is it worth the money? If it does what it says, then yes. If it is like so many products making empty claims, then it is not worth the money. With all due respect, your review went around the question and never really hit it on its head. -Tess

A: Hi Tess, if nothing else I provided an informational review with some basic information, so at least someone would learn it's a legit skincare company with decent products which customers seem to like. I didn't try this particular product unfortunately, so I couldn't tell you first hand if it would be worth the money. ~Rachel

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