H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex Review
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H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex Review

H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex Overview

Reading the advertising for H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex, it certainly seems like something we would love to use.  “Soothing moisturizer that helps calm and protect sensitive skin from environmental exposure.”  Don’t you just want to slather it all over your face and drink in its healthy goodness?  Well, not so fast.  Let’s look a little bit closer and see if there’s anything else we need to kno about this soothing moisturizer.

Included in the list of benefits you’re promised are:

  • Protection from free radical damage caused by environmental exposure and dehydration.
  • Repair to damaged skin cells.
  • Toned and smooth skin.
  • Soothed irritation and reduced blotchiness.

Okay, enough about the promises.  Let’s dive into the formula to see what we can see.

H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex ReviewH2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex Ingredients and How They Work

There are three key components to the H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex formula.  They Are:

  • Triple Tea Complex which is a proprietary blend of several antioxidants, including Japanese Green Tea, Paraguay Tea, and Gotu Kola from China.  This complex soothes irritation and protects skin against the ravages of the environment.
  • Multivitamin Complex which is a blend of Vitamins A, C, and E that all increase your protection against free radical damage while also repairing and preventing damage to skin cells.
  • Provitamin B which is a cellular nutrient that reduces inflammation, increases hydration, and calms overstressed skin.

The simple instructions are to apply daily to your face and neck.

H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex Pros and Cons

Advantages of H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex

  • It contains several antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Most H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex reviews comment on how great it smells.
  • It’s appropriate for sensitive skin.

Disadvantages of H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex

  • It’s not particularly hydrating.  Lots of customers complain that it just doesn’t provide enough moisture.
  • The jar packaging will not allow any of the active ingredients to remain stable.  Plant based ingredients and vitamins break down in the presence of air and light, so they will lose their effectiveness shortly after you open the jar.

Where to Buy

You can purchase H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex online through H2O+ or several other online retailers.  The 1.7 ounce jar sells for around $35.


The H2O+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex jar is packed with many of the best ingredients to make this a great anti-aging moisturizer for sensitive, combination, or oily skin. The problem is precisely that it is all packed into a jar.  Because of that, before long, this will just be a lightweight moisturizer, and you can find that more conveniently in the drugstore, at a lower price point.

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