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Frownies Review – How Does Frownies Work?

frownies reviewsHow can a product created in the late 1800s still be around? The tiny patches known as Frownies were created in 1889, and are still in widespread use today! They are actually quite clever in their design and use the training of facial muscles to combat lines and wrinkles on your forehead.

How Does Frownies Work?

They earned their unusual name because they are applied to the areas in which your “frown lines” appear, and left in place overnight in order to “undo” the damages done by a day of frowning, laughing, scowling or making any facial expression that might cause the skin to pucker or wrinkle. They are quite effective because they force the wearer’s face back into its normal position, effectively flattening out the lines created by facial expressions. The one “glitch” is that the condition of the skin is going to play a role in the effectiveness of the Frownies, and so they also make a deep hydrating spray available too.

Where to Buy Frownies

It is possible to find Frownies  anti aging in many retail establishments ranging from the Vermont Country Store to the big box department stores. They are also available online too. We did not find any venues with a money back guarantee.  The pricing for Frownies tends to be within the $9 to $12 range, with the online vendors offering the best deals. As already indicated, we did not see money back guarantees for any of the vendors located.

Pro’s and Con’s

The list of benefits or disadvantages to the use of Frownies as a wrinkle treatment is quite short. This is because there really are no disadvantages to the patches. For instance, we could point out the following, minor, issues:

  • It is best to use the product with a moisturizer;
  • They have to be worn for a length of time to work;
  • They must be used daily; and
  • They can be a bit uncomfortable for some people.

On the other hand:

  • Any wrinkle treatment is going to require moisturizing;
  • Any wrinkle treatment will need daily use as well;
  • Most wrinkle creams come with a risk for irritation;
  • This product has more than 100 years of quality performance;
  • It is a very affordable solution; and
  • It works in an innovative way to address the underlying cause of wrinkles.


As a targeted treatment for wrinkles, we highly recommend the use of Frownies to eliminate specific areas of wrinkling. This is a very potent approach to wrinkles and lines because it is designed to retrain the facial muscles, and without the use of creams, injections, or surgery.

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Q: How can Frownies work on your face when you use it at night but squint and frown during the day? -judy love

A: Hi Judy, Frownies are cheap enough to try to see if they make a difference, but I wouldn't count on these to reverse wrinkles. But it may help to smooth them a bit while you sleep... I don't feel they'd do much honestly. Investing in good skin care would be a better option. Plus I don't think they'd be comfortable night after night. Seems like something you'd use a few nights and get sick of doing it. Good luck, let me know if you give them a try. xo Rachel

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