Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer Review
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Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer Review

Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer Overview

The little marketing difference that makes Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer stand out is that it’s a two part system.  For daytime, there’s a fast-acting gel that instantly gives your eyes a lift.  For nighttime, there’s a long-lasting balm to restore firmness and reduce dark circles.  It seems like a good idea, but do we really need two separate products?  Do they really do what they say they do?  Can they really make your eyes look younger?

According to the clinical studies they site, the answer is yes.  64% of subjects saw themselves as younger-looking instantly.  There was a 20% reduction in the appearance of dark circles after 4 weeks.  And 56% of those reporting saw an visible increase in lifting after 8 weeks.

Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer ReviewEyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer Ingredients and How They Work

The two different Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer formulas are each based on a couple of key complexes.

The Fast-Acting Day Gel contains:

  • Suberlift which provides a visible tightening of skin that effectively erases fine lines on contact.  The effect is temporary, but applied in the daytime when you need it.
  • Advanced Rho-Cite which is a blend of antioxidants and minerals to build and protect the support structure of the skin.  This bolsters skin in the fight against environmental damage.

The Long-Lasting Night Balm contains:

  • Haloxyl PFE which reduces the appearance of dark circles.  It also increases skin’s firmness.
  • Mala-Plump Complex which is also a mix of antioxidants and minerals to fight against environmental damage and increase natural collagen production.

Apply the Fast-Acting Day Gel in the morning after cleansing.  Do the same for the Long-Lasting Night Balm in the evenings.

Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer Pros and Cons

Advantages of Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer

  • It’s got an impressive list of ingredients.
  • Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer splits focus to allow the day gel to make you appear instantly better and the night balm to soothe, nourish, and protect while you sleep.

Disadvantages of Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer

  • The Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer reviews I’ve seen are not very favorable.  No one seems to have had a bad reaction to it, but most say it just doesn’t do anything.
  • The jar packaging won’t keep the important ingredients stable and active for very long.

Where to Buy

Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer is made by GoodSkin Labs which is sold exclusively at Kohl’s.  Of course, with internet shopping, nothing’s really exclusive anymore.  So you’ll find it online as well.  The package of 2 jars totaling .7 ounces of product retails for $44.50.


I think the two products in one idea is a good one, but Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer just doesn’t live up to the promise.  The ingredients seem decent, but for some reason (maybe the jar packaging, it doesn’t do all it could.

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    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Pearly, I don’t see it for sale anywhere. This product was original only sold at Kohl’s. I think the manufacturer must have stopped making it. When I see old offers on Amazon and Ebay (old product) and can’t find it anywhere else, that usually means it’s gone. It doesn’t look like a great product anyway. If you’re looking for a great eye cream for both am and pm to reduce dark circles and puffiness, take a look at the Beautycounter Eye Rescue Cream. It’s fantastic and so gentle on the eye area (nothing toxic as well).

      Key Ingredients:
      Squalane: Derived from olives, it draws moisture into the skin and visibly restores elasticity.
      Betaine: Derived from sugar beets, it increases oxygenation to help reduce the appearance of shadows.
      Phytic Acid: Stimulates oxygenation to help awaken tired eyes.

      Consumer Panel Test Results:
      100% said eye area looked brighter and fine lines look reduced*
      96% said eye area looked more awake*
      96% said eye area looked more youthful*

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