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elastilash reviewsBefore you purchase any sort of lash enhancer, it is a great idea to read up on the product.  This is because there are many out there that leave much to be desired.  When it comes to Elastilash, many people claim that it works wonders for them- but, is it safe?  That is the question that you must ask yourself.  First, you need to take a look at the product and the manufacturer to make sure that the product is going to be effective and that the ingredients are safe for you to use long term.  If not, then it is a good idea to keep looking.  After all, there are many lash enhancers on the market- how does Elastilash measure up?

Product Overview

Elastilash is manufactured by Obagi Medical.  This is a company that puts out a lot of skin care products that are known for being prescription strength.  What gets me when something says that it is prescription strength is the fact that you do not have to have a prescription to get it- why is that?  I have often asked myself that when reviewing products.  First, lets look at the ingredients.  This is where I run into a problem with this product.  The manufacturer does not list the ingredients for the public.  I am just not comfortable with this fact at all.  There are also no clinical trials or studies shown for this product, which makes me even more leery.  Now, it may work great, but would I try it?  Probably not.

Consumer Review

“I purchased this product around the same time my sister purchased another product.  I started to notice a visible difference in her lashes after just a few weeks; however, with mine I was hardly noticing anything.  I chose this product because it was a cheaper option, and I wanted to see if it worked.  I have heard people talk about how all of the lash enhancers are basically the same thing.  I think that I learned in my experiences that they are not.  I would not really recommend this product to anyone, as I did not have any noticeable differences within the first six weeks.  I eventually just stopped using it and switched to another leading product and have since been very satisfied.” – Lena, Michigan

Pricing and Availability

This is one of the least expensive eyelash enhancement products on the market, and for good reason.  You can actually get it for about $25 on Amazon, including shipping.  This is about the cheapest place that I was able to find it actually.  You can also order it from the manufacturer site, but you will be looking at spending a bit more on the product.


I think it is safe to say that I would not recommend this product for a variety of different reasons.  The main reason is because of the lack of information on the actual product.  I really like to have a basis behind my approval or disapproval of how a product works.  Since I was unable to get a complete list of ingredients, I was really not able to back the product one way or the other as far as functionality.  I can only go by what others have said, and the truth is that most people have not had success with it.  While it is cheap, it is not effective.  Save your $25, and look for a better product.

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