Eight Greens Youth Serum Review

Eight Greens Youth Serum Review – Does It Work?

Eight Greens Youth Serum Overview

From Eminence Organic Skin Care comes Eight Greens Youth Serum.  This is a product that claims to be good for all types of skin, from the driest to the oiliest, the oldest to the youngest.  We’ve looked at quite a few customer reviews, and we have say most people think it works just great.  That piqued our interest, so the first thing we did was find out what it claims to do, so we can then determine whether or not it actually does.

The primary stated benefit of Eight Greens Youth Serum is that it energizes a tired and dull complexion.  It also reduces the visible signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and sagging skin.  On top of all that, Eight Greens Youth Serum also balances your skin’s oil production and controls hormonal breakouts.  This last part is what most of the reviews we found refer to.  Apparently, this serum works great at preventing cystic acne. So our next step is a look into the formula to see if it supports the claims.

Eight Greens Youth Serum ReviewEight Greens Youth Serum Ingredients and How They Work

The primary ingredient in the list is BioComplex which is a proprietary blend of vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and brighten and skin.  It also contains several other antioxidants, like Hop Extract and Flax Seed.  These antioxidant help protect skin from damage and allow cells to repair themselves without further damage.  Next on the list is Coenzyme Q10 to encourage that cell reparation.

The instructions are to apply Eight Greens Youth Serum, a few drops at a time, to your entire face 1 to 3 times per day.  If your skin is oily, this should be enough.  If you’re dry, apply a moisturizer on top.

Eight Greens Youth Serum Pros and Cons

Knowing that there are two sides to every coin, we list the high and low points of a product to make sure we’re being fair and objective.

Advantages of Eight Greens Youth Serum

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • There are lots of favorable Eight Greens Youth Serum reviews, especially when it comes to treating hormonal acne.
  • It’s relatively affordable for an antioxidant serum.
  • It contains lots of antioxidants for protection from the environment.

Disadvantages of Eight Greens Youth Serum

  • It contains some ingredients, like Lavender Oil, that may be irritating to the skin.

Where to Buy

There are several online sources for Eight Greens Youth Serum.  You may also find it at your spa or through an aesthetician.  The one ounce bottle sells for $42.


The Eight Greens Youth Serum reviews are the real selling point here. This stuff has got a lot of happy customers.  I also like that it’s packed with antioxidants, and that it’s pretty cheap for an antioxidant serum.  Definitely worth a try, especially if you experience hormonal acne.

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