Dr. Fred Palmer Skin Whitener Review

Dr. Fred Palmer Skin Whitener Review

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Please what are the likely side effects of using skin whitener considering hydroquinone as the active ingredient -Titilayo

A: Titilayo, I have a terrible reaction to hydroquinone. After one use, the next day I'm extremely red, itchy with welts and it takes a few days to go away and I have to use cortisone cream. I recommend against hydroquinone products because some say it's toxic and a carcinogen. This is why I recommend Illuminatural 6i for a skin lightening treatment. It's safe, all natural and contains no hydroquinone. It's a proven product that works, and it's worked great for me. You'll see best results after 3 months, and always use an SPF 30 or 50 to keep your results. Rachel

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