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DermaPure Advanced Moisturizing Complex Review

Dermapure Anti Aging SerumDermaPure is a supposed advanced anti aging serum that has an advanced moisturizing complex designed to help you look 10 years younger in 4 weeks.

We see these kind of claims all the time, and we generally get a chance to try out many of the wrinkle creams that make these claims.  So what makes DermaPure any different?

Well, we decided to learn all we could about this particular skin care treatment, and researched through dozens of review sites, and related materials to find out all we could about this complex moisturizer.

What is DermaPure Advanced Moisturizing Serum?

According to the sales page of DermaPure, their revolutionizing breakthrough technology is supposed to help you see a 60% decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just 4 weeks.

They also claim 500% gains in the moisture of your skin, but we find it amazing that they even have a technology that can even measure that!

There are several before and after photos from women who have “supposedly” used Dermapure, and yet to us, they merely look like airbrushed photos of models.  There is no evidence that these reviews are even real, simply because there are no written testimonials or other physical proof.

The ingredient list in Dermapure includes polymoist-ps complex, which is actually found in several other wrinkle creams such as Radialabs and Dermalift.

To their benefit, there is some evidence that shows this ingredient, which is a peptide, has a firming effect on the skin, and can tighten loose and wrinkly skin.

This product also contains saccharide isolarate and vitamin e, which are supposed to work as potent anti-oxidants.  Rounding out the ingredient list is cocoa and shea butter, which is used to provide a nice scent to the formula.

Problems with DermapureDermapure scam

The issues we found with Dermapure were the numerous complaints from customers who felt like they had been scammed.

Like many of the other products we have reviewed, DermaPure appears to be offered as a short-term free trial. They also make huge claims and don’t back them up with clinical trials.

You can try the product “risk free” for 14 days, and then you will be charged for the full price of the product which is roughly $89.

Like most things in life, this free trial is not so free and you must be careful when entering into any free trial.

14 days is hardly enough time to receive the product much less be able to try it for any length of time to determine whether or not you like it.

Mos people who accept the free trial have no idea they are entering into an auto-ship, auto-bill arrangement to receive the cream every 30 days and $89 with each shipment.

Comments on DermaPure on The Rip Off Report

Here is an actual comment left on the popular website The Rip Off Report, and there are many more like it:

“This company offers free trial and free shipping on their product.  But wait, the product will work better combining it with another product.  Not only was the product not free ( I had 2 charges of over $90. each on my credit card before I could catch up with them), the shipping wasn’t free either.

And furthermore, even though they are an Arizona company, my charge was processed through Canada and incurred a foreign transaction fee.  This also seems a bit shady.

My husband received no fewer than 3-4 calls from this company on our home phone demanding to speak with me, also not appreciated.  As for the companion “wonder product”, I was never able to access it I feel that DermaPure was fraudulent in its offer and that the whole company is a scam!”

Where To Buy DermaPure Advanced Moisturizing Complex?

For a long time DermaPure was heavily marketed, but they do not have an official website. When searching for this product, some sites now say that the product is unavailable, or the offers lead you to the sales page of an entirely different cream.

More likely, Dermapure has changed their name and packaging and it’s running under a completely different wrinkle cream scam which is typical of these types of products.

Dermapure Q & A

Q: I’ve been searching for Dermasoft reviews, is this the same wrinkle cream as Dermapure?

A: Dermasoft appears to be a similar product and it may be the same company who offered Dermapure. More often than not, we see these types of wrinkle cream trials change their name slightly, and start new campaigns once consumers catch on and start complaining online that they’ve been scammed.

In fact, we’ve been able to find Dermasoft reviews, Dermasoft Skin Restore reviews, and a combo free trial offer for Dermasoft and Purecell Anti Aging creams with almost the identical sales pages, terms and conditions, even using the same photo-shopped model pictures to sell their products as we saw with Dermapure.


Don’t accept free trials of this nature, it’s always better to buy a cream outright that has a money back guarantee.

My top cream Kollagen Intensiv is very effective, I’ve used it for over 4 years with great results! It’s worth a look.

We recommend against purchasing DermaPure, Dermasoft, Dermasoft Skin Restore, and also the combo offer for Dermasoft and Purecell due to the high amount of customer complaints we found online all pointing to the fact that these are all just short-term free trial wrinkle cream scams.

We don’t like companies who deceive their customers in order to make a quick buck. And in this case, it’s more to the tune of $90, and double that if you were swayed into buying their companion product. Just take a look at the comments below left by upset customers!

To educate yourself further on these scams, read my post Beware of Free Trials for Anti-Aging Products, an Investigative Report so you’ll know what to look for and what to avoid when you see their ads online.

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DermaPure Advanced Moisturizing Complex Review
2 out of 5 stars

Apr 29, 2023 by 

I have been using both the skin cream and eye serum for only about a week, using both 2x/day to only one side of my face, hairline to base of neck, using my long-time standby on the opposite side. (Laugh but it gives me a great opportunity to compare!)
So far, there has been ZERO change between the left and right side of my face, but I will continue for the full 30 days and update if a significant change is noticed.

BUT FYI... Although I just ordered the "sampler" of each on 04/13/23, and only had product a few days, Ihave alreaady received an email indicating that another charge of $99 would be processed 05/01/2023 unless I contacted them immediately to stop the "subscription".

I immediately replied that I do not authorize any additional product, and have blocked any additional charges.

Also, my packing slip for DermaPure Eye Serum and DermaPure Skin Cream ...
"Thank you for ordering from QuickTrim Diet Labs! For questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-844-872-9827".

Hope this information can assist others.


DermaPure Advanced Moisturizing Complex Review
1 out of 5 stars

Jan 08, 2023 by 
Jennifer E

Huge scam!!! Advertised to pay S&S only for product by [email protected]. charged 99.74 after having 14 days. I called for a refund and was offered 30%, then 50% off or send the trial product (that’s supposed to be unopened) back. Hard to try the product without opening it! they would not return the charge at all. They hung up on me 5x in total…crock of BS!!! Beware!

DermaPure or PureCell

DermaPure Advanced Moisturizing Complex Review
1 out of 5 stars

Apr 26, 2016 by 
Lucia Gish

I just had that awful experience if being scammed by this company and its product. Buyer beware is so true! I placed a order for a "free" product which was not actually free. Can you say oxymoron? They explained to me the product was free for 14 days. Their shipping email said "16 days". I pointed out today is 16th day from shipping. Turns out it's 16 from ORDERING. Total scam. The product doesn't even do what they said. They're sending me a "complementary" cream. There's no remedy for the $89.95 charges!!!!

1.3 5.0 3 3 I have been using both the skin cream and eye serum for only about a week, using both 2x/day to only one side of my face, hairline to base of neck, using my long-time standby on th DermaPure Advanced Moisturizing Complex Review

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Q: Dr. Oz is signing his name to Purcell and dermasoft-will not watch his show again! Any input on dermalift? -donna

A: Donna, Dr. Oz does not actually endorse ANY wrinkle creams. Purcell and Dermasoft are both scams, plagiarizing fake quotes from Dr. Oz . Dermalift is in the same category, I do not recommend. It's a 14 day trial and they don't post their ingredients, and do not have any clinical trials to back their product. Probably made in Panama or Pakistan like the rest of those short term free trial scams. ~Rachel

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Q: I got scammed too, now does any won know if I will be getting this autoshipped ever do I get out of this Grrr!!!! -Marlene

A: Marlene, yes you will be sent new product every 30 days and billed again until you call and cancel. Here is an article posted on the BBB website about the consumer complaints with Dermapure. I have never been able to find an actual phone number for Dermapure as hard as I've tried. All the links flip to new scams. If you can't find a number on your credit card statement, I would contact your bank and report it as fraud and see if they'll block future charges. Show them this BBB article if they want proof. There is no way to contact Dermapure.

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Q: When do you apply product -Dolores

A: Dolores, most creams it would be am and pm before bed :) Rachel

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • Kimberly

    No question but FYI. Although I ordered the “sampler” on 04/13/23, I only had product a few days when I received an email indicating that another charge of $99 would be processed 05/01/2023. I immediately replied that I do not authorize any additional product, and have blocked My packing slip for DermaPure Eye Serum and DermaPure Skin Cream …
    “Thank you for ordering from QuickTrim Diet Labs! For questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-844-872-9827”

  • ChristinaLattin

    I’m amazed after reading these reviews! I tried the product w/ its counterpart years back, maybe 10 or more years ago , didn’t renew it for lack of funds and do sorely regret not being able to. I never had any product that reduced the affects of aging in my skin as this one did and have been desperately searching for it since. Can someone lead me to a link to find it???

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hey Christina! Hmmm well Dermapure was one of those free trial scams back in the day, but maybe it worked for you and you didn’t mind the arrangement? Something I’ve used for years is Kollagen Intensiv, which you can just buy outright. It works great for plumping and firming! xo Rachel

  • Abby

    Hope this helps. This is the name and phome on my bank statement. Good luck, since I used my bank card, had to file to stop charges get a new card and was told if the charge comes thru again, close out the account and start over.

    NANO CELL RX877-592-3667\NJ

  • Francesca

    I am hoping that someone can give me the phone number so I can CANCEL with this horrible company that calls themselves DERMA PURE !!
    They are anything but pure !

    Thank you very much. What a scam !

  • Francesca

    I cannot find the paperwork, or the telephone number for Derma Pur so I cannot stop the charges for this horrible product. Any help out there? PLEASE !! Thank you.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Francesca, I’m sorry but Dermapure is one wrinkle cream scam that I’ve never been able to find a phone number for. I’ve had a ton of complaints on it. Your best bet is to visit your bank, explain it’s a scam and that they have NO published phone number and ask them to block any further charges. If they won’t, then cancel that card and get a new one.

  • Flower

    I just received my products…and now after reading this I am going to have to cancel my credit card and get a new one…I knew there had to be a catch and started poking around online…thank God I found this site. I like the idea of using a prepaid cc for orders like this.

  • Cindy Sager

    Is there a legitimate place where you can order this? Not a “free” sample, but just place an order.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Cindy, there never was a legitimate place to order DermaPure. It’s pretty much a short term free trial scam. I can’t find any good links that are working, they just flip to new wrinkle cream scams. Even what appears to be their official site in the UK has no working links to purchase. I would not recommend this product. Did you read the comments at the bottom of my Dermapure review? This is actually one of the older ones….I’m curious as to what made you seek out this particular product. Did you see a new advertisement somewhere?

      • Cindy Sager

        Yes, I saw an article about it and thought I would like to try it. I don’t ever do anything that is supposed to be free…just pay for shipping and handling. I would have just liked to buy it.

        • Rachel Vrabel
          Rachel Vrabel

          Cindy, if you’re interested in purchasing a really effective anti-aging cream (outright and not as a trial), I think you would really like Kollagen Intensiv. It’s one of my top creams and a great product. It boosts collagen production, reduces redness and very calming, and is very effective at diminishing wrinkles and plumping the skin.

  • Mrs. Henry Rodger




    • Billie

      I too was taken in by this scam. I am normally so careful that I am really shocked at my experience with these snake oil salesmen. I called customer service, one number for each product, and had to pressure them for a refund for at least 30 minutes. They do not make it easy, and I will probably never see the refund.

      I’m not sure how I am supposed to try a *free* sample in just 14 to 16 days from the order date, and then get taken for almost $190 for a subscription or membership or whatever they claim it is without any means to cancel and get a refund.

      There is a class action suit submit on

      I will have more frown lines instead. I earned these. 🙂

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Thanks for the class action link Billie! Most of these short term scams are based out of South American countries where a class action wouldn’t be an option, but there are some here in the US as well, just not as many. Did they sign you up for two products? That’s a hefty price tag, usually those creams are around $90 each. You should still treat yourself with something nice for those frown lines! 🙂

  • Missy

    I too was taken by this scam. I ordered the free trial size derma pure cream and it automatically ordered a Purcell eye cream. My question to others is.. Does it really say anywhere in fine print that you will be charged $90.00 to your credit card for each product? Whem I called the company, they kept insisting it was in the agreement portion, however, I don’t remember an agreement portion when I placed the order. Did anyone really see it?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Missy, sorry you got involved in this. The terms and conditions are always there, but they don’t make it apparent through the ordering process. You have to scroll way down to the bottom of the page to see the “Terms & Conditions” “Contact us” etc. But normally people are ordering at the top of the page and they check the box “agree to terms and conditions” without seeking them out to read them. They don’t make it easy, trust me I know. Just have to be super careful when ordering any trial.

    • Dawn

      They do not even put any information in the packing so you have no way to contact them if you wanted to. The package did not arrive until 1 week ago, and it is my fault so they say. How could I do a 14 day trial if I did not have it?

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Dawn, thanks for your comment. This is exactly why I don’t like these 12-14 day trials (plus they are mostly non-quality products since their focus is scamming you). There are a few 30 day trials that I like, which gives you plenty of time to try and still have time to cancel if you want to. Sorry you had a bad experience. If you are interested in a 30 day trial, both my top 2 creams have that option. Take care!

  • G Michele

    Well, I made the mistake in order the free trial and then when I tried to click out of the site it also order the eye wrinkle cream. So I, tried to cancel my order a week later and the lady on the other end was not going to have it. I told her I was not interested in listening to why I should keep the cream. I just wanted to ship the stuff back and call it quits. She told me to stop be rude or she would have to hang up on me. I told her I wasn’t being rude I just didn’t want to listen to her and I wanted to cancel my order. She said that I had to listen or she would not proceed. I told her that I just wanted to cancel and asked her if she had cancel my order and she told me no that it would not happen.

  • Tony

    This is not an offer!
    I had to deal with my credit card bank in order to cancel the order I NEVER MADE!

  • Sherry Vilander

    I love the product, I DONT like dealing with the company. They bill your card through INDIA and these days, your credit companies place a FRAUD HOLD on all accounts, INCLUDING YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you know of a like product?

  • Leta Cole

    I too failed to read the fine print. I only noticed the LARGE word FREE. Even though I read (I thought) everything on the advertisement, I was told that I failed to read the part about the 30 day return policy. I did not know that I was being billed $99.98 for the “FREE” product. Because I was not aware until I received my credit card bill today, I was told that my 30 days were passed and that there is nothing they can do even though I offered to return the bottle that I haven’t even used! PLEASE do not order this product !!!! It is all a scam! The product is not worth $5.00 much less $100.00. Go to CVS and buy any facial product and it will be worth more than this dermapure. It is a scam, scam, scam!

  • sue

    I ordered a “free trial” tube of face cream from Bella Labs for the shipping and handling cost of $4.95. When I got my visa bill there was an additional charge of $87.63. It seems if you had clicked on the “terms and conditions” it says you will be billed an additional $87.63 if you don’t cancel within 14 days. As I didn’t read it I don’t know if you were suppose to return the unused portion or not – to prevent this additional billing. As the other woman said – an expensive lesson to learn – read all the fine print before ordering your “free trial” .

  • Renee

    So I ordered DermaPure back in May after my husband heard it on the Max Keiser show as “An amazing new discovery that really does work this time better than Botox” but the add said, “Amazing new discovery that a woman accidentaly discovered by adding 2 face cremes together, one at night DermaPure and one during the day “Vivexin” now the spiff on the Max Keiser show was not an average commercial it was more like a “Hey you guy’s check this out cause this stuff is fricken awesome and actually works and I wouldn’t tell you about it if it didn’t.” Now Max Keiser dosent promote just anything, he is very careful about what he promotes as he needs to be. So I get online to the page my husband gave me and read about it and frankly was prayng it did what it said it does cause I have been so disapointed in the past so many times. So I went to order and I ended up at a Ginalle Skin Care site when I pressed submit and un-benounced to me I had just purchased Ginalee. So I called and canceled and informed them I was on DermaPures site and ordering it and wanted nothing to do with Ginalee and need to cancel immediately and they appoligized and gave me a full refund. Well then I had to go searching for the obviously “Correct” site and ran across a site that looked like DermaPure so I called and made sure this time and then I ordered it and then went to the Vivexin site and ordered it because I wanted those “Awesome You Wont Believe It” results everyone else is getting” Well a few days later I got DermaPure and started it then I had to wait for my Vivexin because apparently my order had gotten lost and needed reshipped and when it did get here it was and empty bottle so I had to wait yet another week in a half all to get yet another very low almost empty bottle, only got a weeks worth and that was using it very very sparingly! But let me say this, I did notice major improvements and so did everyone else! I got more “You look great, your glowing, what are you doing different?” than I have ever had in my life. I did run out of Vivexin and have’nt reordered because of the cost and im affraid when I order again and pay $100 I will have a repeat of empty bottles but I have continued to use DermaPure on a daily basis and it’s definatly softened my crows feet, my laugh lines, my brow lines and even the toughest of the all my forehead lines!! I’m shocked, I really am because NOTHING EVER works and I never ever see any results at all. Now I was running out of moisturizer so I ordered more from the site and I just got it and I noticed, It smells different and looks different! It is a little lighter in color and has a weird strong plastic smell to it that it never had before! Im scared, I just paid $90 for this and I have a feeling it’s not the real deal. Then I got to researcing and digging on the company and that did’nt help me bit!! he company sounds like they just dont give 2 beans about pleasing anyone so I feel why bother cause I”m no different than the rest of ya’ll and probably will be right back here telling you my horror unhappy story. Has anyone else noticed a change in the product? Just wondering.

  • Gillian Archer

    I ordered DermaPure and loved it! Howewver, my bottle’s gone and I have not received a new one in the mail and it’s been about two months. Now I am stuck with these payments for a product that I’m not even receiving! It is very upsetting!

      • Janice

        I got caught in the Derma Pure circle when I missed the phrase on the initial order tha indicated I was autoatically enrolled to get the product each month. I have been trying to cancel the order which is charged directly to my credit card – with great difficulty. Twice the customer service perople have been unable to assist. Today – I was apparently provided a FAX number to the corporate office which I will try to use next. This company knows how to make things easy to get and hard to stop. Getting in touch with a company representative is very difficult. I do not recommend that any potential customer allow for an auto renewal susbscription.

  • Michelle M

    To be on the safe side, anytime I plan on ordering something like this online I simply use a visa gift card with limited funds in it instead of my real credit cards. This method has saved me from scammers more than once.

    • Pat T

      Awesome solution, Michelle, for any online ordering from sites such a DermaPure. This is something I will do from now on, thanks.

  • Michael

    I did order the sample and have seen a difference in my skin. Whether it will be permanent or not, that remains to be seen. It is on the pricey side, but I will give it another go.
    Im hoping that if I decide to cancel I wont have a problem. If I do I will take Zan S. advice and cancel my card.

  • Zan S.

    Because I used to work for a bank and have seen this sort of situation happen to consumers all the time, when I ordered my free sample (along with three other trial products from different companies), I simply cancelled my credit card, drove to the bank and picked up a new one. It’s not that all online companies are scammers, but, like most of us, they are just trying to make money in a dog-eat-dog world. Companies, like Dermapure, realize that if they just handed out free trials so easily and readily, they would never make a buck. Anyway, I received my free trial yesterday and noticed results instantly. Although the results may not be permanent, this creme makes my skin look and feel amazing.If I had the money, I would order it monthly, but I don’t, so I will simply try to make this batch last as long as I can.

  • Rae

    I received my sample 2 weeks ago and I didn’t expect to see any difference that quick. I just called them to tell them to not charge my card again. When I found out you only get 1 ounce for $69.95 plus shipping, I told them that was too high. The man gave me a $20 off for every month. He assured me I could cancel at any time and my card will not be charge. I’m a little nervous about this company.

    Has anybody tried it and could tell a big improvement in wrinkles?

  • L Montgomery

    I received my trial and like it very much, so far. But to be sure I didn’t receive another container and another charge, I cancelled via email very easily. They responded within a couple of hours. If I continue to like it and see results, I’ll just start up again.

  • Juanita Martin

    When I received the “free sample” DermaPure cosmetic cream, enclosed was a wrinkle remover with instructions to activate a pump. Because the pump appeared to be inoperable, I called DermaPure and was told that they had nothing to do with the manufacturer of this cream and appeared to have no knowledge of its enclosure in the “free sample” package. I was directed to contact the manufacturer.

    Upon inspection of the tiny print on the wrinkle cream container, I found contact information for Bella Labs and called to inform them that the pump was inoperable on the wrinkle cream container. I was told that they would forward another “free sample,” which I later received. No other information was given me from Bella Labs, which denied any association with DermaPure.

    When I received my current City Cards statement, I was shocked to see a charge by Bella Labs and made calls to both companies. Bella Labs asked if I wanted to close my “auto-ship” account (?) with them; and, of course, I said to close that and anything else—adding that I had not contracted with them in any way and suspected this to be a collusion with DermaPure and a scam directed to senior citizens. The representative hung up on me.

  • Cindy

    I’m with you Diane. I now can’t cancel this order. I wanted the sample. I should know better. I will be calling the credit card company to see what I have to do.

    Thanks for sharing
    Don’t be stupid like I have. Never order anything on line.

  • Rebecca

    Please under no circumstances order the sample product. They will keep charging your account, even though you did not give them permission. They will not give you a refund. You will end up having to cancel your credit card or debit card to get the charges to stop. PLEASE take it from someone who has been through it, don’t get this product!!!!

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Diana,
      We don’t sell derma pure, you would have to contact the seller directly. Sorry your’e having troubles.


  • Tammie

    Im fairly certain most of these “free trial” offers are nothing more than a ruse to obtain customer’s credit card numbers. They place you on an expensive “auto ship” program. Although they offer to allow you to cancel your membership, most companies make canceling near impossible. They leave people on hold indefinitely or there is no answer at the number they provide for cancellation. They claim that they never received products that (numerous) customers sent back. They continue to put unauthorized charges on customer credit cards even after they are asked/told not to. To the point many people are forced to cancel their credit card or go through the (pain in the butt) process of disputing the charges with the credit card company. Over & over I read & hear about these scams with so many different companies. I have gotten to the point that if I can’t buy something locally or if a company isn’t willing to take a check or money order (good sign they just want your credit card number) – I won’t order their products. If everyone would do the same, these unprofessional, thieving companies wouldn’t last long!

    • S Neal

      I received my free trial and immediately called and cancelled..
      then received another shipment for $74.95.. I called the 800 # and after waiting 22 minutes on hold the lady told me they saw in the system where I had called but that the notes did not specifically state I had called to cancel my order…She gave me a return # but said it would be 2-3 weeks before it would be credited back to my card and I would be responsible for the $4.95 shipping charge to me and would have to pay the shipping to send it back to them….

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