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Continual Eye Treatment Review – Does It Work?

Continual Eye Treatment Overview

The healthy effects of salt and especially sea salt have long been publicized and these benefits are the crux of the AHAVA Time Line Continual Eye Treatment product.  Is the concentration of healthful ingredients high enough to produce meaningful results when the product is used consistently?  We will take a look at what the product website says in that regard, as well as other active ingredients in the product that can contribute to its effectiveness.  The product is manufactured by AHAVA Time Line and while it takes a bit of searching to find the manufacturers website provides quite a bit of information about the natural ingredients in their products including the eye treatment.

How Continual Eye Treatment Works and Ingredients

Sea salts have been shown to work well as a natural sunscreen and in helping the skin to retain moisture.  Dead Sea mud is another ingredient that has been shown to have healing properties for treating a variety of ailments.  AHAVA took these ingredients a step further by creating a patented 3D complex that allows the skin to reap the full benefits of each of the key properties of the ingredients.  The Continual Eye Treatment is a quick absorbing gel that helps the skin underneath the eyes to retain moisture and smooths skin at the same time.  The natural ingredients from the Dead Sea seem promising, but do they really work?

continual eye treatment reviewPro’s and Con’s

When a product claims to be made from a large amount of natural ingredients it is important to check to see what the actual concentrations of those natural ingredients are to see if there is enough to effectively produce results.  The information on the continual eye treatment website supports the idea that the natural ingredients appear in concentrations significant enough to produce visible results.

Advantages of this product:

  • There is an extensive amount of clinical research on the company’s website to support the claims of the product
  • There is a full list of all ingredients in the product, which gives evidence of a high concentration of natural ingredients

Disadvantages of this product:

  • An amazing lack of positive reviews for the product, even on the company’s website

This is odd when it comes to beauty products.  What it may mean is that the product really is effective and they only allow customers who have actually purchased the product to review it, which is not the case with all companies that produce beauty products.  For what it is worth the one review on the company’s site at the time of this writing was very positive.

Where To Buy Continual Eye Treatment

There was a brief period of time where the Continual Eye Treatment was actually not available through the AHAVA website.  Thankfully that situation has been rectified and the eye treatment can be purchased for $42. offers the product for slightly more at $44, but since the product can occasionally be out of stock on the company website Amazon makes a nice alternative.


Continual Eye Treatment seems to be a very good product based on the ingredients and the actual scientific evidence behind the claims that it makes to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.  The clinical studies help to set this product apart from many others on the market and the fact that it is priced lower than many similar products that produce questionable results makes this a great product to start with for someone who is new to eye creams and serums.  Even though most of us cannot make the trip to the Dead Sea in person why not bring the benefits home with the AHAVA Continual Eye Treatment.

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