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Clarins Total Body Lift Review – Does It Really Work?

Clarins Total Body Lift Overview

Clarins Total Body Lift, touted as the stubborn cellulite control, is one of the many skincare products developed by Clarins Group, a top body and skincare company based in Paris. Clarins Total Body Lift follows the company’s computerized bar code identifier system that helps identify the benefits of each ingredient during the production process. Whether or not Clarins Total Body Lift can solve your cellulite issues can only be established after going through the following comprehensive review.

How Clarins Total Body Lift Works  Clarins Total Body Lift Review

Before you dash off to order your package of Clarins Total Body Lift, it is very important to understand how it’s going to work on your skin. This highly rated product relies on a purely natural plant-centered approach that will enhance the appearance of any type of skin by firming, draining toxins, stimulating as well as toning skin structure. Clarins Total Body Lift relies mainly on caffeine and plant extracts to target stubborn cellulite and fat deposits that compromise the look of your skin.

Other ingredients apart from caffeine that feature in Clarins Total Body Lift are Cangzhu Root extract, Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom, Garcinol, Agrimony, Uncaria Tomentosa, Mint Essential Oil, Sunflower Phospholipids and Silicon derivatives. These ingredients serve three main purposes: slow down deposition of new fat while releasing localized deposits; reinforce and protect collagen fibers; firm and stimulate your skin.

Clarins Total Body Lift Benefits

  • Clarins Group is a well reputed skincare company so their products can easily be trusted.
  • The company vets all suppliers to make sure all supplies meet best practice standards. The product does not include any animal extracts.
  • The ingredients have been tested to ensure they are all innocuous.
  • There’s a free shipping offer for purchases in excess of $50.

Clarins Total Body Lift Drawbacks

  • Considering this cream sells for $60 per 7 oz. tube, the price could lock some prospective buyers out.
  • The manufacturer does not offer any free samples.

Where to Buy Clarins Total Body Lift

You can easily purchase Clarins Total Body Lift from the official Clarins Group website and get free shipping for big orders. If you need even better deals, try purchasing Clarins Total Body Lift from the ever competitive third party online traders. Just in case e-shopping isn’t your thing, major brick-and-mortar stores also stock Clarins Total Body Lift.


It is rather unnerving that the official Clarins Total Body Lift manufacturer’s site does not have any testimonies from past customers who have purchased the skin care product. To make matters worse, there are no free samples that you can order and try out things for yourself. However, this is not to say that Clarins Total Body Lift should never be trusted.

Clarins Group is one of the best reputed skincare companies both within and beyond Europe, thanks to the high production standards maintained. The ingredients that have been listed have been scientifically proven as effective in the fight against cellulite and aging, implying that Clarins Total Body Lift could indeed be effective.

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