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ceramide c reviewAccording to the Ceramide C website, our bodies make a substance known as Ceramide, but as we age and Ceramide production decreases, it will cause our skin to sag and wrinkle. Thus, this product is meant to introduce higher quantities of this compound into the skin through a direct application of the product.

Ingredients in Ceramide C

The ingredients include Ceramide, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Since all of these substances are known for addressing the signs of aging and wrinkles, it is easy to see that this is a formulation bound to work well. Just consider that the Ceramide is going to firm the skin while the vitamins will protect, hydrate and revitalize it. This product comes in pre-measured capsules for maximum effectiveness found in most anti aging creams.

Where to Buy Ceramide C

Though there is an official website, this product is sold through distributors and vendors. There is no indication of a guarantee on the website.

Pro’s and Con’s

There are a few pros and cons for those considering the use of the Ceramide C wrinkle product. The negative issues would include:

  • This is a product without a guarantee;
  • It is a bit expensive;
  • It uses only three ingredients, which means it may not address all issues; and
  • It is not available from the manufacturer.

On the positive side:

  • All of the ingredients have been clinically proven to help in fighting wrinkles.
  • The product has received some favourable consumer reviews;
  • The official website explains precisely how the product works; and
  • It is relatively easy to find the product online.

Best Price

The Ceramide C formula generally costs about $50 from the different online suppliers and vendors, though as we mentioned earlier, there is no guarantee available from any of them.


We agree that the use of Ceramide is likely to restore the skin to a much more youthful appearance, and that the addition of vitamins A and C will only benefit the formulation. The issue that we have with this product is simply that it may be too targeted and overlook the need for moisturizing agents and other compounds (such as peptides) that can also work wonders in fighting the most common signs of aging too. For instance, we would have been able recommend this product if it had even a single plant peptide or other compound that might have targeted the eyes or dark spots, but because it is lacking some of the “essential” we do not recommend it as an effective anti aging treatment.

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