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Bliss Love Handler Review-Is it Real?

Bliss Love Handler is a gel that is filled with caffeine that helps to energize amino acids in your abdominal muscles to help lose fat cells and give a look of visibly tight abs. It also helps to keep the skin soft and because it has caffeine in it, it will work up to 8 hours.

How Bliss Love Handler WorksBliss Love Handler Review

Bliss Love Handler claims to help activate the surface of the skin to show visible tightness and to help burn fat cell. Though it does not state the ingredients it says to have caffeine and creatine in it. The caffeine helps activate the amino acids, while the creatine helps burns the fat cells. You rub the minty smelling gel onto your skin daily to see results.

Bliss Love Handler Benefits

  • Independent studies occurring over six weeks have shown that over 50% of people who tried Bliss Love Handler saw a reduction of bloating in the stomach area
  • Studies have also shown that almost 50% of the participants did see an improvement in the tone and contour of their abdomen
  • There have been a variety of testimonials that have given very positive feedback about how Bliss Love Handler has worked for them

Bliss Love Handler Drawbacks

  • There have a number of testimonials that claim it does not work and that it is very expensive for such a small bottle

Where to Buy Bliss Love Handler

Bliss Love Handler can be purchased at a variety of online stores including, Amazon, eBay,, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Blissworld’s official website offers the best prices with lots of free gifts with purchase.


There was not a lot of information out there about Bliss Love Handler. It is recommended to use Bliss Love Handler along with healthy eating and regular exercise to retrieve results.

Bliss Love Handler does not seem to be harmful to your skin as there were no testimonials that were found showing any issues with skin irritation. It claims to have simple ingredients such as caffeine and creatine.

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