Bioelements Absolute Moisture Review
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Bioelements Absolute Moisture Review

Bioelements Absolute Moisture Overview

I probably hear from more women with combination skin than any other skin type. I honestly don’t know if it’s because more women have this type of skin than any other or because there just aren’t enough good options for them. Either way, it’s clear that women with combination skin are looking for, and not necessarily finding, moisturizers that adequately meet their needs.

Bioelements Absolute Moisture is specifically designed for combination skin. It promises to make your skin smooth, soft, and supple by balancing water and oil levels. They say the balance it provides is exactly what combination skin has been missing, and that by using Bioelements Absolute Moisture daily, your skin gets what it so desperately needs without causing irritation, sensitivity, or breakouts. Judging by the reviews I’ve seen, it works for lots of, though not all, women.

Bioelements Absolute Moisture ReviewBioelements Absolute Moisture Ingredients and How They Work

Bioelements Absolute Moisture is a water-based moisturizer. This makes sense for a product made for combination skin. An oil-base would tend to clog pores. For hydration, the formula uses the two water binding agents – Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid. This are both gentle and non-irritating, and they both attract water molecules to maintain the moisture balance of your skin. There isn’t much more to Bioelements Absolute Moisture than this. It’s not an antioxidant cream or a collagen building powerhouse. It’s light, simple hydration for combination skin.

It’s recommended that you use Bioelements Absolute Moisture in the morning and at night as needed. Simply apply to clean and toned skin. They say a little goes a long way. In fact, a single jar should last you 3 months, even with twice daily use. In the end, of course, how much you use it will be based on your particular and seasonal needs.

Bioelements Absolute Moisture Pros and Cons

Advantages of Bioelements Absolute Moisture

  • It’s affordable (especially considering how long a jar will last).
  • It’s fragrance-free.
  • There are plenty of Bioelements Absolute Moisture reviews from very happy customers who find it to be easy to fit around the needs of their combination skin.

Disadvantages of Bioelements Absolute Moisture

  • Several people find Bioelements Absolute Moisture to not be hydrating enough.
  • The jar packaging is unsanitary.
  • It lacks most important anti-aging ingredients.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Bioelements Absolute Moisture online or through certain spas. The 2 ½ ounce jar retails for $33.


There’s not a whole lot that’s special about Bioelements Absolute Moisture. As far as anti-aging goes, moisture is really the only game it’s got. So for that reason, I’d say you could do much better. On the other hand, if you have combination skin and have had lots of trouble finding the right moisturizer, Bioelements Absolute Moisture is surely worth giving a go.

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