Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream Review
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Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream Review

Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream Overview

Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream is an anti-wrinkle cream from the Babor Skinovage line that is specifically designed to combat the drop in estrogen production experienced by post-menopausal women.  Using plant stem cells (specifically from a rare Swiss apple), hormones, and champagne yeast, Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream promises to promote cell regeneration and provide a moisture barrier, revealing firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream ReviewBabor Selection Ultimate Care Cream Ingredients and How They Work

The Babor website is a bit vague.  It does not provide a full ingredients list, but it does mention a few key components and how they are meant to work.  We’ve pieced together some information from other sources in order to help explain what can be known about this product.

All products in the Skinovage line contain highly concentrated stem cells from a rare apple from Switzerland called the “uttwiler spatlauber”, which Babor says can rejuvenate your skin’s complexion in a previously unimaginable way.  Sadly, they do not elaborate on what it actually does or how it works.

Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream goes on to include two beneficial ingredients extracted from wine yeast.  First, there are phytohormones which they say are similar to the hormones found in skin.  Again, these hormones are not explained by Babor, but what they do is attempt to mimic the effect of replacing lost estrogen in the skin without actually using estrogen.  Next is glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant that also has a lightening effect on skin.

Lastly, Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream contains lipids which provide moisture and go on to create a barrier to hold that moisture in and protect skin from environmental damage.

Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream Pros and Cons

Advantages of Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream

  • It contains innovative new ingredients, particularly the powerful antioxidant, glutathione.
  • Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream is made by a company that’s been around for over 50 years.

Disadvantages of Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream

  • It is fairly expensive.
  • The website lacks concrete information about ingredients.
  • There are no clinical trials mentioned.
  • We found no Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream reviews from customers who’ve actually used the product.
    There is no stated return policy.

Where to Buy Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream

If you’d like to purchase Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream, you have several online options.  The Babor website sells a 50 ml jar for $96.  This is typical of the price you’ll find at the many online resellers that carry it, though we were able to find it for as low as $77.65 at Amazon.  We were unable to find any information regarding a return policy directly for Babor products, so you might want to find a reseller who offers a money back guarantee. Babor products are also available in select spas, but the website doesn’t offer a spa finder option.


It certainly seems possible that Babor Selection Ultimate Care Cream could work.  It boasts an innovative ingredient and is made by a solid manufacturer long in the anti-aging skin care business.  Oddly and unfortunately, however, there is surprisingly little information available about how it works or even whether it works.  Without clinical tests or customer reviews, the only way to really know is to try it.  If you find a reseller you trust who offers a guarantee on the products they sell, you may want to try it.  Otherwise, we think the expense and the lack of a return policy make this a product you may just want to pass on.

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