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7 second eye lift reviewThere are plenty of high end and high cost skin care products out there that all seem to make roughly the same promises.  Every company offers you big results, such as fewer wrinkles, no more puffy eyes, and the elimination of dark circles, but nobody really seems to be able to deliver.  What ingredients do you look for?  7 Second Eye Lift promises to get rid of puffiness, dark circles, and much more, so it certainly interested us, but it was largely the product’s claims of instant results that we found so intriguing.

How It Works and Ingredients

Upon reading the claims set forth by the makers of 7 Second Eye Lift, we set out to find out just what was in this stuff and if it was safe.  Here’s what we learned.  The key ingredient in 7 Second Eye Lift is known as Matrixyl 3000, a powerful peptide that is absolutely amazing at getting rid of even the deepest wrinkles quickly.  The product also includes a peptide called Sun-coll, which helps to relax wrinkles away, as well as Eyeseryl, Perpha Tight, Pentapeptide, and Retinyl Palmitate.  All of these wrinkle reducers and peptides combine to form an effective wrinkle reducer that is surprisingly short on filler ingredients.

User Reviews

In researching 7 Second Eye Lift, we found it pertinent to look beyond just the ingredient list and to find out what consumers who have actually used the product thought about it.  Most of the users were people who had spent a great deal of money buying products from traditional stores, but who knew very little in general about skin care science, which had led them to many inferior products.  Reviews for this product, however, were nothing but favorable, with a vast array of comments that all seemed to imply that the product took years or even decades off the skin.  The phrase “completely different” was used in a huge percentage of the reviews.

“I have used many different anti wrinkle creams over the years, and most of them just act as a really good moisturizer.  That being said, I decided to try out 7 second eye lift without any expectations.  I was surprised to see what dramatic results it had on my skin, and the ability to reduce my wrinkles.  This is definitely a product I could recommend to all my friends and to anyone who reads this.”
Mary, Florida

Where You Can Buy It

7 Second Eye Lift is available directly from the manufacturer for a price of $29.99, which is a considerable discount from the product’s $99.99 retail value.  The company also offers special deals, such as the ability to get two free bottles with the purchase of four as well as a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction.

Our Recommendation

We feel that 7 Second Eye Lift is definitely a recommendable product with a long list of scientifically backed ingredients.  The lack of filler ingredients is equally promising, and with no risk of side effects, it certainly offers a safe and effective way to eliminate common cosmetic effects of aging around the eyes.

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7 Second Eye Lift

7 Second Eye Lift Reviews
5 out of 5 stars

May 22, 2022 by 

This works better for me than any other eye cream/lift I have tried. It smooths out the skin folds for me. Now I am having trouble finding where to purchase, no longer on Amazon

7 seconds of nothing

7 Second Eye Lift Reviews
1 out of 5 stars

May 24, 2017 by 

Dont waste your money, it only takes 7 seconds to see its a fake. The tube is as big as my index finger, and does nothing. What a joke.

7 second eye lift review

7 Second Eye Lift Reviews
1 out of 5 stars

Jan 11, 2016 by 

I found that this eye product did nothing in 7seconds 7hours etc .If the list of ingredients is real it might do something long term as they are all good for the eye area. I foolishly purchased 4 tubes as a combo pact with a face cream which also appears ineffective. I have not yet tried the refund policy but reports claim that it is not as easy or inexpensive as you are lead to believe. As the old Latin saying goes LET The BUYEr Be WARE. Thanks Gayle

2.3 5.0 3 3 This works better for me than any other eye cream/lift I have tried. It smooths out the skin folds for me. Now I am having trouble finding where to purchase, no longer on Amazon 7 Second Eye Lift Reviews

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