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User Questions and Answers

Q: Is this made from the entire plant or from the seeds? -Carolyn

A: Hi Carolyn, it's a full spectrum hemp oil using the whole plant. I'll attach the Ultracell flier here so you can read more about it. Let me know if you have any more questions. I'm really happy with how I'm feeling on it, and love the topical for my arm! Thanks, Rachel

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Q: How and where is the oil extracted and can you point me to the usda organic certification on the usda site? https://organic.ams.usda.gov/Integrity/ -Erica

A: Hi Erica, I wasn't sure on this so I emailed my contact at Zilis headquarters. Their response is below, which makes sense. You can't claim the USDA organic certification unless ALL the ingredients are organic, and this is not unusual for organic hemp oil  to be mixed with non-GMO and/or natural ingredients. Hope this helps!  Thank you, Rachel
You are correct, the hemp that we use is 100% organic but the product itself has some ingredients added that are not 100% organic; so we are not able to claim that UltraCell itself is organic. The oil itself is extracted at our laboratories in Colorado through our proprietary system that is exclusive to Zilis. This allows for our scientists to isolate the CBD and other healthy compounds inside the hemp extract to use in our UltraCell.

Unfortunately, I cannot divulge the name of our farms or laboratories. These are considered trade secrets and we have been asked by these parties to keep their organizations anonymous to prevent the solicitation of their services.

I hope this helps answer the question, I know its not exactly what they asked but we are trying to maintain our proprietary extraction process. You can inform this individual that the hemp we use is no doubt 100% organic and that our extraction process is the gold standard of the industry because it allows UltraCell to become a true full-spectrum oil.

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Q: Are all other ingredients of the United cell organic? -Joseph

A: Hi Joseph, I know the hemp is organically sourced from Colorado, but I'm unclear on the rest. However since it's not labeled on the bottle as 100% organic, I don't think every single ingredients can be or is organic. Take a look at this Ultra Cell flier. It does state that the sunflower oil is from non-GMO source. So that leaves the MCT oil which I'm not sure about. I know they use high quality ingredients and it tastes better than any one I've tried and given me the best result. The only 100% organic CBD oil I've seen is just that - a single isolate CBD for which the only ingredient is actually the hemp oil and you won't absorb those nearly as well. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: I have allergies to many plants. Can you tell me what other plant extracts are used as ingredients? I am allergic to chamomile, many of the lemon type plants (balm, grass, etc), and mint, to name a few. thanks for your help, -Lisa

A: Hi Lisa, I only see that is has natural flavorings from plant extracts per the Zilis Ultracell Ingredients label but it doesn't list any specific plants. I doubt it has lemon grass though, that's a pretty distinct flavor and more typical of an essential oil for diffusing. They use acai berry extract for the flavor and coloring in the berry flavor, I do know that. It definitely does not have mint either. Hope this helps! Thank you, Rachel

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