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User Questions and Answers

Q: I am a new Pruvit user. Does the amount of water I mix my ketones with matter? Also, do they have to be consumed within a certain time period. Ex. One hour Thank you for you time and help. -Erika

A: Hi Erika, thanks for your question. They recommend using 12-16 oz of water with each sachet. Sometimes I use even more - like 18 oz in a big shaker bottle with water and ice. Sometimes I use less, closer to the 12 like if I'm in a hurry and heading to the gym and want to get it in my belly! :) It's recommended to drink the serving within 20-30 minutes for the highest ketosis spike and best "feeling" effect from the ketones. However, sometimes I'll sip on it for 45 minutes or so or even an hour. It just depends what I'm doing that day. If I'm sitting at my desk I tend to sip on it. Hope this helps, thanks! And good luck with your keto journey. xo Rachel

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