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  • Lynda Smith

    I really don’t want a bunch of long drawn out talk on nothing that’s going to help me. I just want to get straight to the point, what can you offer me that can reduce my eye wrinkles. Is Botox for real in your opinion.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Lynda, first of all, botox is great for forehead lines or those eleven lines. I would never get botox anywhere “below the eyes.” For a brow, I think it can work very effectively of course you have to get it redone every 3-4 months and it can get pricey. If you have the Dr. put just a tad on the outer corners of your eyes it can also help relax crows feet. Creams will only do so much, but creams are wonderful for reducing crepy skin and if you have a good one, it can smooth out wrinkles nicely. For mature skin, I recommend Lifecell Anti-aging treatment. You can use it on your entire face and it’s also an eye treatment. It has anti-aging ingredients but it’s main benefit is that it works as an instant wrinkle reducer and wrinkle filler. Botox plus Lifecell would be the BEST possible choice if you want drastic results. Good luck! Rachel