Holly Pinkham

Holly Pinkham is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, certified yoga instructor, group fitness instructor, and foam rolling specialist, and has competed in the NPC bikini division. She manages a gym in Los Angeles, CA, and owns an online fitness coaching business, Renewal Fitness Coaching. Holly is passionate about helping people achieve physical strength and body transformation, as well as mental and emotional transformation that leads to long-lasting change. Her personal weight loss and muscle gain help her to understand and adapt to every client's unique needs and desires, and she doesn't believe in cookie-cutter programs. She likes to make clients feel comfortable and capable while having fun and teaching safe, smart and effective methods to achieve their goals.

  • Holly Pinkham Certified Personal Trainer

    4-Week Workout Plan for Beginners

    Starting a New Workout Program So you want to start working out to lose some fat and tone your muscles, right? But where do you start? That super buff, yet feminine CrossFitter on Instagram lifts crazy amounts of weight with powerlifting moves that you’re pretty sure would break your lower back. That stick-thin yogi does inspirational arm balances that you…