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Why is a Separate Eye Treatment Important? One of the earliest signs of aging can be seen around the eyes, so you must take care of this delicate skin starting early on. I’ll never forget the first eye product I used when I was 18 – Clinique’s Cooling Eye Gel. I always loved the “de-puffing” factor (my only complaint at that age), but a simple gel lacks any real anti-aging ingredients that will actually reverse signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and those dreaded crepy eye lids (you know, the crepiness that makes us rethink that shimmery shadow!) As I began to age, I started to notice those fine lines and wrinkles popping up around my eyes, and I knew that I needed something stronger, so I stepped up my anti-aging game and started using creams made specifically to target the eye area. I’ve learned over the years from being an anti-aging guinea pig that any added fragrance or harsh chemicals aggravates my blepharitis/rosacea of the eyes, so I am very particular especially when it comes to eye care. I have committed to a non-toxic beauty routine and my skin has never looked better! Beautycounter boasts a Never List of over 1,500 chemicals or questionable ingredients they will never use in their products. All three of these eye creams are all fabulous, and all work well to instantly refresh the entire eye area to give you a more youthful look! They’re simply hard to beat for effectiveness, gentleness and how they actually feel – very pampering! Eye Treatments Put To the Test We have rated our top eye treatments based on how they worked for: Reducing Wrinkles Reducing Under Eye Puffiness Alleviating Dark Circles Smoothing and Firming the delicate skin around the eye Texture, because an eye treatment should feel soothing and be irritation free #1  Beautycounter Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream Price:  $39 View Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream on Beautycounter Formulated for the delicate eye area, this nourishing cream awakens eyes. Squalane hydrates skin, while betaine and phytic acid boost oxygenation to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and shadows for brighter-looking eyes. Breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to match the composition of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Key Ingredients: Squalane: Derived from olives, it draws moisture into the skin and visibly restores elasticity. Betaine: Derived from sugar beets, it increases oxygenation to help reduce the appearance of shadows. Phytic Acid: Stimulates oxygenation to help awaken tired eyes. Consumer Panel Test Results: 100% said eye area looked brighter and fine lines look reduced* 96% said eye area looked more awake* 96% said eye area looked more youthful* *Results obtained from a consumer panel study of 30 women after four weeks. #2 Beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream Price: $63 View Rejuvenating Eye Cream on Beautycounter Rediscover youthful-looking eyes with Beautycounter’s most powerful anti-aging eye cream.  Reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles with this soothing formula, made with skin conditioning wild algae and caffeine for firming and tightening. Key Ingredients:  Apricot, Raspberry and Grape seed oil Red & Chlorella Algae Extracts Vitamin E Flower Extracts (Camellia, Camomile) Cranberry Fruit Extract Caffeine Consumer Panel Test Results: 89% of women reported under-eye puffiness was reduced and fine lines were diminished. *Results based on independent, 8-week, 28-subject, single-blind clinical and consumer perception study. #3 Beautycounter Nourishing Eye Cream Price:  $37 View Nourishing Eye Cream on Beautycounter A universal eye-ssential. Simple, yet effective. Pamper the delicate skin around your eyes with this lightweight, soothing eye cream. Rich in aloe and organic coconut oil, the unscented formula absorbs easily and offers an instant moisture boost that sooths the entire eye area. Click here to submit your review. Submit Your ReviewName: *Email: *Review Title:* Rating:* 12345 Review:* * Required Field Check this box to confirm you are human. Great for aging skin Top 3 Eye Creams 5 out of 5 stars Jun 07, 2016 by  Therese I'm 63 and I love these products and won't use anything else. My skin is softer and the Rejuvenating cream sure make a difference to smooth out my wrinkles! I do feel younger since I've been using.  Meaningful Beauty Top 3 Eye Creams 5 out of 5 stars Jun 07, 2016 by  Deborah I love that you’ve made it your top product. I’ve been using Cindy’s products for four years and my skin has never looked better. Your spot on with your review, her two eye treatments work great. My problem is puffiness and dark circles and these products have made a difference. I’m not crazy about the spf day cream but I’m sure it’s making a difference as well. Nothing ages skin like the sun. ~Deb Rejuvenating eye cream Top 3 Eye Creams 5 out of 5 stars Feb 05, 2016 by  Melissa Rachel, thanks for your review on the Beautycounter Rejuvenating cream. I have severe dark circles and puffiness and I am impressed with how quickly it works. You were right that it depuffs very quickly and feels gentle going on. My dark circles are becoming lighter each day. Nothing has worked this well so thank you. 5.0 5.0 3 3 I'm 63 and I love these products and won't use anything else. My skin is softer and the Rejuvenating cream sure make a difference to smooth out my wrinkles! I do feel yo Top 3 Eye Creams User Questions and Answers Your First Name Your Email Your Question Please Complete All Fields. Ask Your Question User Questions and AnswersQ: hi. just wondering .. I have few wrinkles but cant seem to get rid of the bags under my eyes which is the absolute best to treat that? -DonnaA: Hi Donna, thanks for your message. I would give Meaningful Beauty a try. I’m absolutely loving the two eye products used together, the Eye Enhancing Serum and the Lifting and Firming Eye cream. What I’ve noticed when I have puffy eyes is that it’s related to my diet. If I eat really clean, non-inflammatory foods, in conjuction with good eye products, my puffiness and bags really diminish. One night of pizza and my under eye puffiness is back. So, think about this too because a lot of it is your body holding on to sodium and foods that cause inflammation in the body (high carbs, sugar, alcohol, etc). However, I know we can’t always eat perfectly but also increase your water intake. Drink lots of lemon water and that will help also. But I do recommend trying Meaningful Beauty, but if you don’t want a whole skin care line (which with this you do have to buy the set), then go with my #2, the Skinception Eyelasticity. It’s also a good product that increases the lymphatic drainage underneath the eye. I can use both products both under my eyes and right on my eyelids, in case your eyes are sensitive. Both are great choices! Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.comWas this question helpful to you? Yes No5 out of 5 people found this question helpful.Thank you for your feedback.Q: Hi Thank you for the information, I have been fighting a loosing battle with my eyes. I am 28 and look nearer 38 and it is really getting me down. I have fine lines that continue to get worse and now noticed my dark circles are getting worse to the point where my skin is now looking sunken in. I look awful. My skin is very thin and crepey. I get married next year and I am thinking about calling it off because I am dreading what my skin will look like in another years time. I started aging this time last year and have continued to at an accelerated rate. my question is, with the elite serum am I going to be causing any lasting damage to the skin? Is it too early to be trying something this intensive? what I am worried about is exhausting my skin by the time I am 30 and looking even older! Any information would be greatly appreciated, I am at my wits end and feeling very ugly -Becki TerryA: Becky, hi there! I’m so sorry you’re feeling so down about your skin and considering calling off your wedding. Don’t do that! You’re marrying the love of your life and I’m certain he loves you no matter what and thinks you’re beautiful! Elite Serum will definitely NOT cause permanent damage. No good skin care should do that. It’s basically a formula full of peptides and the formula is extremely gentle (no fragrance and feels as gentle as water going on). And it is not too early to be trying a good eye product, especially with your concerns. I would give it a try. Before my wedding, I indulged in a few facials leading up to my wedding and I also stayed out of the sun completely. Like vampire mode. If you can afford to treat yourself, it really does make a difference. Or, treat yourself to a series of micro dermabrasion treatments to smooth the skin and make it look more radiant (that will also help with the crepeyness). But you definitely need a separate eye treatment no matter what. What have you been using on your eyes up until now? Another thing you can think about is a liver flush. The liver has a huge job of processing and filtering out all the toxins in our body, and with the skin being the largest organ – it will show if you’re not healthy on the inside. The best thing you can do for your skin, aside from topical treatments which help, is to eat health and increase your antioxidant intake. Eat a huge bowl of antioxidant fruits for breakfast (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and papaya are my faves) and increase your veggie intake. Cut out processed foods, alcohol and wheat. I just did my second liver flush after four years and it’s made a difference in my skin, and I lost 6 lbs. I know this is a lot of information, but you’re gearing up for your wedding so you need to pull out all the stops to look and feel your best. I have a pending post on my recent liver flush so stayed tuned for that. In the meantime, treat yourself and I do think the Elite Serum can help you. It does a great job to reduce puffiness and reduce wrinkle depth, and while I don’t have dark circles so can’t testify to its effectiveness, it is formulated to help increase the lymphatic drainage underneath the eye which will help flush out the darkness. Look up the Hulda Clark liver flush if you’d like to do some research on it…. and let me know if you have questions. Good luck! Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.comWas this question helpful to you? Yes No4 out of 4 people found this question helpful.Thank you for your feedback.Q: Hoy can I Get this product ? -BlancaA: Blance, which eye product were you interested in – one of my Top 3? RachelWas this question helpful to you? Yes No2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.Thank you for your feedback.Q: What is Qusome,Sytenol A, Neoderml, Chronogen, sounds like i need to find a pharmacist. Why is these items that Dr. Oz says they are only $10.00 at the store? What kind of a store? -AdeleA: Adele, did you see these on the actual Dr. Oz show, or did you see an ad (which is a scam) that says Dr. Oz recommends these products? I’ve never heard of them. Most of the free trial scams make bogus claims that Dr. Oz is involved in some way, when he’s really not. It’s my advice to steer clear of those. RachelWas this question helpful to you? Yes No1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.Thank you for your feedback.Q: Where can I buy the top 3 eye creams you reviewed in Western Australia? -AnneA: Hi Anne, You would just have to go through … Continue reading Top 3 Eye Creams