Why AC-11 DNA Repair Should be Part of your Anti-aging Routine

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Rachel Vrabel from Women's Blog TalkIf it’s one thing I’m extremely interested in, it’s anti-aging. And not just from a skin care perspective, but from a scientific perspective.

I’m a certified anti-aging junkie….being in my mid 40’s I’m all about taking care of myself and fighting the aging process every step of the way.

Why not? I would like to keep my skin looking youthful and my body feeling good for as long as possible!

While good skin care is an essential part of any anti-aging routine, another major factor is treating your body from the inside. Your skin happens to be the largest organ of your body!

There are many new technologies coming out in the anti-aging world, and one of the latest technologies is called AC-11 DNA Repair, an element found in a limited number of health supplements.

Yes, science has made it possible to repair our DNA and those pesky cells that continue to age us and express diseases. Quite literally, AC-11 causes aging-reversal!

If your one of those who says “oh, just grow old gracefully” then I respect you for that. I will be the first to admit that I am vain, and would love eternal youth!

But if you’re truly interested in learning about the science of AC-11 and what it can do for your skin and for your health, then keep reading!

AC-11 & DNA Repair

Safe, all natural and water soluble AC-11™ is a powdered, bioactive rainforest plant extract that, when ingested as a dietary supplement or applied topically as a cosmeceutical, helps the body to repair sun and environmental stress-related damage to DNA, and slow down the process of skin aging. A gift from the rainforest, AC-11™ is the perfect joining of nature’s secrets with advanced phytonutrient science.

 What is AC-11 DNA Repair and What are the Anti-Aging Benefits?ac-11 supplement reviews

Here are some highlights about DNA and AC-11. I find the science behind this fascinating!

  • AC-11 is a phytonutrient extract of the inner bark of a tropical plant (Uncaria tomentosa, a plant indigenous to the rain forest)
  • DNA carries our genetic codes and is the most important molecule in the body. Damage to DNA is the basis for aging and disease.
  • AC-11 effectively removes lesions from damaged DNA caused by oxidative and non-oxidative stress
  • AC-11 promotes DNA repair functions within the cell
  • AC-11 also stimulates collagen III production, the form of collagen associated with soft, supple skin
  • As we age, we lose collagen rapidly. By age 30, our collagen production has already decreased by almost 50%!
  • Laboratory studies show signficant, measurable increased in collagen III production in adult skin cells treated with AC-11
  • AC-11 also normalized the expression of NF-KB in the cells, thereby regulating cellular response to inflammation (an over-expression of NF-KB heightens inflammation.
  • AC-11 has a positive effect on Lymphocytes, increasing their life span and enhancing the body’s immune system.

In a nutshell, AC-11 can repair the very DNA within us which will prolong the aging process – amazing!

Optigenex is the company that makes the AC-11 we find in Pruvit products, here is their website if you’d like to read up on the science of AC-11.


How to Supplement with AC-11 to Capture its Anti-aging Benefits

Pruvit, the company who brought exogenous ketones to the marketplace in Dec. 2015, has been coming out with some pretty awesome new formulas which include the addition of this magic bullet called AC-11.

If you’re not familiar with Pruvit’s exogenous ketones supplements, you can read my full Keto//OS review here.

Ketones are a hot topic of conversation right now since drinking one serving of therapeutic ketones literally biohacks your body into the fat burning metabolic state of ketosis within 30 minutes.

This, without having to follow a strict ketogenic diet which is high fat/low carb much like the Atkins induction phase. A diet impossible to adhere to for most.

The magic of Keto//OS is that it’s a powder mix you simply drink once daily with water in tasty flavors such as punch, orange, raspberry-lemonade and chocolate, so getting your body into ketosis and experiencing the benefits (such as energy and fat loss) has never been easier.

Drinking ketones alone has tremendous health benefits, as ketones (BHB – Betahydroxybuterate) is highly anti-inflammatory and provides neuroprotection, brain fuel, and a feeling of well-being. It also suppresses the appetite and accelerates fat loss – all recipes for anti-aging!

Pruvit has added the coveted AC-11 to the following new products:New keto kreme from pruvit

  • Keto Kreme with FFT™ (Functional Fat Technology)  – Have you ever heard of “fat coffee” or “bulletproof coffee”? Keto Kreme is a healthy fat supplement containing MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which is a specific fat extracted from the coconut which can cross the brain blood barrier, coconut oil, and four different patented collagen blends. MCT provides a brain boost, protection from Alzheimer’s, promotes ketone production in the body and also ramps up fat loss. Keto Kreme is a powder you simply mix with coffee or tea that tastes delicious. Collagen also has many anti-aging benefits since it’s the building block which holds our skin together.
  • Keto Max Splash – The release of the new Keto Splash is making headlines. This is a Keto//OS Max formula with a watermelon-grapefruit flavor containing the BHB (ketones), AC-11 DNA Repair, along with some added B vitamins (B3, B6 & B12). This is the flavor I’ve been drinking daily since it’s limited release and it’s so delicious!Amped Midnight keto
  • Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean – Pruvit’s “event only” flavor came out in a flash sale recently and customers are raving about its refreshing pina colada flavor and unique blue color. This is an “amped” version of the ketones drink that has additional caffeine, AC-11 DNA Repair along with the ketones (BHB). This is the flavor I’ve been reaching for if I have a lot of work to do or a tough workout. The energy is amazing, and it provides tremendous brain focus and appetite suppression. If I drink it two days in a row, I always lose a few lbs without trying.
  • Keto//OS Amped Midnight – On Black Friday, Pruvit released its “Mystery Max” Amped Midnight flavor. This is a similar blend as the Blue Ocean except a Black Cherry Vanilla infusion flavor! I’ve tasted it and it’s AMAZING!

Conclusion and Recommendation on AC-11 & Pruvit’s Keto//OS

keto os samples for sale

14 Day FULL Experience

I’ve been drinking Pruvit’s Keto//OS daily for over a year, and I can tell you it’s the only supplement I’ve ever committed to in my entire life.

It would be an understatement to say I’m passionate about these products.

Ketones have literally given me my life back! I want to share a few ways that it’s made me a better version of myself.

I lead an active lifestyle, try to eat clean but don’t follow a specific or restricting diet. Ketones have facilitated a 17 lb weight loss and I’ve kept it off easily after a year.

Ketones suppress my appetite, reduce carb cravings and make it easier to make healthy choices with food. I also do some intermittent fasting on ketones and never lack in energy. In fact, I’ve had some of my best workouts fasted on ketones! Remember, ketones are a fuel source!Keto os review and results

Drinking ketones has also made it possible for me to get off of an anti-depressant (Wellbutrin). While I was never clinically depressed, I went through a rough time with IVF fertility treatment.

I found myself feeling depressed and not interested in doing the things that I loved anymore (like beach volleyball and working out). I had gained weight which seemed impossible to lose, and all those hormones injections really took a toll on me both mentally and physically.

I literally had zero side effects getting off of my meds, and I attribute this to the effect that BHB has on your brain. Your brain loves using ketones as an energy and a fuel source. Ketones literally lift my mood immediately upon drinking them and provide 38% more energy than glucose (carbs/sugar).Pruvit before and after

If you’re on an anti-depressant and want to get off, please talk to your Dr. first. I was on a very low dose (200 mg/day) and I am only speaking from my personal experience and had my Dr.’s approval to taper off.

Aside from the mood boost and weight loss I’ve experienced, my skin also looks great! I have rosacea of the eyes (and blepharitis) which is an inflammatory condition causing redness (which can lead to facial rosacea) and it’s completely disappeared and my eyes are white again – amazing!keto weight loss journey

If any of this hits home with you, I don’t just recommend trying ketones, I implore you to try them! I am living proof that ketones can change lives because it’s changed mine and so many others who have tried ketones.

The new AC-11 DNA Repair found in the latest Pruvit products is just one more reason I’ll continue to drink them because I want all the anti-aging benefits I can get!

Call me vain, but being 45 and at my high school weight is pretty fabulous!

Pruvit’s 12 Days of Christmas

Pruvit Sales, Specials and Sample Packs!

For More Info:

Check out my before and after pics in my full review of Pruvit’s Keto//OS

Contact me here for a 5 day Keto//OS Experience

Visit my Pruvit Keto//OS Website Here

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Q: How do i order some of this product -Kimberly

A: Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for your email. You can visit the Pruvit Keto-OS website, their flavors are amazing! Pairing the Raspberry lemonade plus the Keto Kreme for the AC-11 and MCT benefits has always giving me great results. They have released limited supplies of the Amped Blue Ocean, Keto Splash and the Amped Midnight which are the other flavors with the AC-11. If you become a customer of mine, I\'ll send you some free samples so you can try them or I do offer them also to purchase. It\'s great to become a customer because anytime they\'ve been doing these releases it\'s to current customers and promoters only. Let me know how I can help. You can also email me at [email protected] Thank you! Rachel

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