Top 3 Eye Creams

#1 - Skinception Eyelasticity Age Defying Eye Therapy

Silky serum boosts collagen to diminish wrinkles and increases lymphatic circulation reducing puffiness and dark circles for a more youthful eye.

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#2 - Beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles with this soothing formula, made with skin-conditioning wild algae and caffeine

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#3 - Meaningful Beauty Eye Enhancing Serum & Lifting Eye Crème

Duo eye treatment to hydrate and eliminate crepiness, deep set wrinkles, fight puffiness & dark circles, smooth and firm entire eye area for younger, perky eyes!

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Upper Eyelid Lifter Review – The Best Anti-Sagging Cream?

Adrianna Richards Last Updated September 15, 2017 1
3 /5 Recommended

Upper Eyelid Lifter
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Upper Eyelid Lifter is created by Bremenn Research Labs, and it is intended as an anti-aging eye cream that deals in particular with eyelid problems such as drooping and sagging.

Many aging women are forced to fight with such symptoms of aging, and most eye creams do not address them properly. For this reason, many praise Upper Eyelid Lifter as being created especially for correcting very punctual issues with aging skin.

There are plenty of positive reviews pointing out Upper Eyelid Lifter as a great and reliable product. However, it does not seem to work for everybody in the same way, and you may need to try out a sample, to see how things go for you.

How Upper Eyelid Lifter Works Upper Eyelid Lifter Review

Upper Eyelid Lifter is particularly designed to address the problem of sagging eyelids. It must be applied only on this area and overuse is highly advised against.

For this reason, some female users have reported burning sensations, which means that those with really delicate skin may not tolerate it well.

No outstanding ingredients seem to be included in the formula for Upper Eyelid Lifter, but its firming and lifting effects are mentioned many times by women that have already tried it.

Still, the formula does not seem to be working in all cases, and there are users that have reported no changes even after using Upper Eyelid Lifter for several weeks in a row.

It must be mentioned that this eye care treatment does not contain parabens.

Upper Eyelid Lifter Benefits

  • It addresses very specific problems
  • It is supported by many positive reviews
  • It can deliver firming and lifting effects

Upper Eyelid Lifter Drawbacks

  • It may not work for everyone
  • Some users have reported burning sensations

Where to buy Upper Eyelid Lifter

Upper Eyelid Lifter can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website for roughly $25 for a 0.5 oz tube. Also, you can find Upper Eyelid Lifter available for purchase on the websites of reputable online retailers, such as Sephora. You can also buy Upper Eyelid Lifter from brick and mortar stores, as well.


Upper Eyelid Lifter is a product designed to address only specific problems caused by aging to the skin around the eyes. It works towards lifting and firming the skin of the eyelids, making the eyes look wider, and younger.

While this works for many users, some prefer a more complex formula that can do much more such as Eyelasticity made by Skinception.

It must be mentioned that some caution is advised when using Upper Eyelid Lifter, as the manufacturer recommends using the product sparingly. Also, it may not seem to be working in all cases, and women with very delicate skin may not be able to enjoy its effects.

Still, Upper Eyelid Lifter is a reliable product, and one that is worth trying, at least by getting a sample.

Have You Used Upper Eyelid Lifter? If so, leave your review below!

Our #1 Eye Treatment – Skinception’s Eyelasticity – Age Defying Eye Therapy

Skinception Eyelasticity Eye TreamentSkinception’s Eyelasticity is a creamy, fast absorbing serum that works quickly to reduce puffiness, plump up fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten dark circles. It has a unique ability to reduce under eye bags by increasing the lymphatic drainage from underneath the eye.

Fragrance free, no parabens, no synthetics and it comes in a pump which means is stays fresh longer, and keeps the product free of contaminants. It feels amazing and works fast to give you younger, more perky eyes!

Skinception is a skin care line I’ve used for over 5 years and you can find many of their products on my recommended list!

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Q: Whats the best product I can get in a store for sagging eyelids? -Debbie

A: Debbie, thanks for your question. I absolutely love the Meaningful Beauty Lifting and Firming Eye Cream. You can read my full review here of Meaningful Beauty. They do sell some of the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty at Ulta, but it\'s unbelievably more expensive! For example, if you buy directly from the Meaningful Beauty website, the 5 piece set is $39.95 and with that you get two free products, one being the Lifting Eye Cream, and the other I think is the Glowing Serum (you may be able to choose something different). If you walk into the Ulta store, you\'ll pay $44 JUST for the Lifting Eye cream, and the 5 piece set is $50.00 and you don\'t get the two free gifts - that\'s insane!  I would buy it online and get the free gifts along with the other skin care, it\'s an amazing line. I have very sensitive eyes with crepey lids and I love this eye cream. It plumps my eyelids right up. It will also help to lift and firm your eyelids. Let me know if you have any questions, but I highly recommend this line and guarantee you\'ll love it!  ~Rachel

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  1. Judy January 22, 2017 at 6:14 am - Leave A Comment

    Regarding the answer to Debbie’s question, there was no mention that when you order the products you are automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program. Also, make certain that the $50.00 is a one time charge. Often there will be a monthly recurring charge.

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