oxytoxin type II reviewsThere are not a lot of wrinkle creams that can actually address the most recognizable signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dark circles, bags and puffiness under and around the eyes. The Oxytoxin Type II wrinkle cream, however, has been designed to actually correct or address many of these problems and concerns.

Oxytoxin Type II contains a very potent combination of compounds that includes Eyeseryl, Pepha Tight and Vitamin C in precise 5% concentrations that are meant to work quickly to create somewhat immediate results. Eyeseryl is a peptide formula that will get to work on any puffiness or signs of aging around the eyes, while the Pepha Tight addresses the lack of elasticity that often plagues skin as it ages. Vitamin C is added to support collagen production and combat signs of aging near the eyes. This approach is something that we greatly appreciate and feel is deserving of recognition.

Where to Buy Oxytoxin Type II

Available in many locations online, Oxytoxin Type II-A is also available through the manufacturer’s site as well. There is a guarantee available, but not all vendors will honor it.  As mentioned, this product is widely available on the Internet, but the best pricing is going to come from the manufacturer. Currently, they offer a single tube for $69.95, but they make a bulk price available as well, with five tubes costing only $159.95. They also make their excellent guarantee available too.

Pro’s and Con’s

There are a lot of advantages to the use of Oxytoxin Type II-A as an all around treatment for wrinkles. We did not actually find any sort of disadvantages, or cons, to using it. If there is any sort of “glitch” it might be that the manufacturer doesn’t make a lot of contact information available on their website.

The advantages include:

  • Clinically proven compounds serve as the primary ingredients
  • The product works for all kinds of skin
  • No reported side effects in Oxytoxin Type II
  • This is a multi-purpose formula that can address all of the common signs of aging
  • It is a very affordably priced formula
  • It comes with a guarantee; and
  • All of the ingredients are listed on the manufacturer’s website.


We would highly recommend Oxytoxin Type II-A as a reliable method for reducing or eliminating the most common signs of aging. This is certainly superior to many other creams, and is actually comparable in its results to formulations such as Botox. It is far less expensive and well worth a try.

Due do its effective ingredients and botox like results, we feel that Oxytoxin Type II would be comparable to our Top Wrinkle Cream Lifecell

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