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This is a personal review, visit the Pruvit website here

So I decided to write another blog post since my comprehensive review of Pruvit’s Keto OS has gotten so long!

I encourage you to read that if you’re looking for detailed information on Keto OS and Keto Max, and also how it helped me to lose 17 lbs and feel amazing!

Health Benefits of Exogenous Ketones

This blog post will focus on the health benefits of Pruvit’s Keto OS supplement as well as fat loss results – my whole family is getting healthy drinking daily ketones!

Drinking daily ketones has helped both my mother and my brother to lose body fat, reduce their blood pressure, and kick alcohol to the curb!

Ketones have so many health benefits other than fat loss!Pruvit Keto OS Max Maui Punch

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle preservation
  • Energy
  • Reduces brain fog
  • Increased focus
  • Appetite suppression
  • Reduced carb and sugar cravings
  • Stabilizes insulin
  • Better mood, sleep and digestion

For a basic understanding of how Keto OS works to put you into ketosis, watch the campfire video here.

My Mom’s Story and Results Drinking Keto Maxketo os results

About five months ago (Feb 2017), my Mom traded her evening wine habit for a daily serving of Keto OS, she drinks the Keto Max Maui Punch.

She lost 15 pounds in the first couple of months, and this was very motivating for her!

Her skin looks much clearer and even toned (no more redness), she eats less, and her alcohol habit has been replaced with a healthy one.

Since she stopped the alcohol and lost some weight, her blood pressure is now normal whereas before, the Dr.’s were trying to put her on blood pressure meds.

This picture was taken Easter weekend after she’d been drinking Keto Max just eight short weeks. We had a better visit together than we’ve had in a long time ~ I feel like I have my mom back!

Just look at the weight she’s lost alone in her neck! She looks 10 years younger to me!

My mom also has sleep apnea, which has improved a lot since she’s lost weight in her neck.

She does use a sleep apnea machine, but the Dr. says if she can lose a little more weight in her neck that she can stop using it.

I’m super proud of her and she hasn’t felt this energized or confident in years. She will turn 70 this December and she’s getting her health back!

Ketones Help Squash Sugar and Carb Cravings

What I have found so much different about this time around is that in the past when she stopped drinking, she would normally replace that alcohol craving with sugary sweets and carbs.

She would always GAIN weight when she stopped drinking, which would make her feel depressed. Not this time!

Now, when my mom goes out to lunch, she is boxing up half of her meal up and taking it home, because she’s not as hungry.

When she gets home from work and those alcohol cravings kick in, she drinks her Keto and those cravings are SQUASHED.

She has the energy to work in her garden instead of being a couch potato. She’s moving again, even started working out a few times a week, and her overall mood is a lot more happy and positive!

To learn more about the benefits of ketones, watch these short Keto U videos with Dr. Andra Campitelli.

She does a great job breaking it down in short, one minute videos and you can scroll through the topics.

My Brother’s Story and Results Drinking Keto Maxresults from keto os

My older brother was also struggling with an alcohol habit and ketones have been a contributing factor to helping him regain his health.

He’s 47 years old, a high level executive, and is under tremendous pressure. He’s on the road a lot, and eats on the road.

His blood pressure was sky rocketing, and his Dr.’s prescribed him blood pressure pills AND heart pills – the kind you gulp down when you feel like you’re having a heart attack!  Scary stuff.

Luckily he took that huge step to stop drinking back in March and started drinking Pruvit’s Keto OS. My mom totally inspired him with her progress!

He has joined a gym which he has energy for now, his brain fog is lifted, and he’s starting to shed some stubborn fat from around his middle that’s just been sticking to him like glue for years.

He lost 18 lbs in about six weeks! He hasn’t been under 200 in over 10 years!

My brother likes mixing the Keto Max Maui Punch with the Keto OS Orange Dream, which he says tastes like Fruity Pebbles.

Keto suppresses his appetite so it’s a lot easier to eat smaller, more healthy meals, which is hard to do when you’re on the road, and entertaining other executives.

He also feels a lot more focused and mentally energized which is important in his line of work.

He has more energy for his wife and two kids, and has been busy with all kinds of home projects that require being super fueled!

Best of all, he now has PERFECT blood pressure and did a stress test and tested in the “athlete” range. 

Since your blood pressure tends to rise as your body weight increases, losing even 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure. 

Read Pruvit’s “It’s Not Salt’s Fault” here – this explains that salt is not your enemy, but carbs are!

Why Drink Pruvit’s Keto OS?Pruvit Keto OS review

My point in sharing this story with you is probably obvious, exogenous ketones can provide many health benefits aside from fat loss, and some times there’s a trickle effect when you start a healthy habit.

I’m seeing the results of therapeutic ketones help my family members and it’s been very inspiring. And it’s so easy – you just drink a daily drink that tastes delicious!

It’s helping them both to feel better, have more energy, to eat more sensibly, reduce their carb cravings and lose weight. A residual effect of those things has been reduced blood pressure (*ketones alone don’t lower blood pressure, I want to make that clear, but losing weight does).

And if you haven’t seen my personal results with before and after pics, or you want more information, please read my full review on Pruvit Keto OS,  or contact me here with questions. I’m so very happy to help!new Keto flavor raspberry lemonade

Pruvit makes a flavor for everyone’s taste buds: there’s Maui Punch, Orange Dream, Chocolate Swirl, Swiss Cacao, and the brand new flavor is Keto Max Raspberry Lemonade which I’ve been able to try and it’s AMAZING!

It also comes in Charged (with caffeine) or decaf – and they BOTH work!

If this story hit home with you, take your health back! Just one serving per day of Keto is a therapeutic dose. Two is optimal, but one is still great!

Commit to drinking Keto OS for one month and see the changes it brings in a short time!

Visit Pruvit’s Website

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